Decision coming for Nebraska target Matt Farniok

College decision looms for all-american offensive tackle Matt Farniok following his final official visit that saw him take in Iowa.

U.S. Army All-American offensive tackle Matt Farniok has been a top offensive tackle target for Iowa for a long, long time. He has kept the Hawkeyes among his favorites for the duration of his recruiting process and they will remain atop his college choices until he announces where he will sign. 

Despite the long recruiting process that he has endured, the South Dakota native had not seen much of Iowa until this weekend's official visit, the final visit of his recruiting process. He had some things he wanted to accomplish on his trip to Iowa City and he was able to do complete those.

"I wanted to get to know the players on the team and meet the other guys in my recruiting class," Farniok said about his official visit. "It went very well. I got along with both very well. It was a great time. I had a lot of fun."

Matt's mother Christine has been through the recruiting process a couple of times already. She's seen her son Tom (who signed with Iowa State) and Derek (who signed with Oklahoma) experience the wildness and craziness of the cycle. Her top need is coaching stability. 

"I really like Iowa," she admitted. "As a parent that has been on the receiving end of how things can change and be difficult for a player during a coaching change, and how difficult it can be to re-develop that trust, coaching stability is very important to me. I love the stability at both Iowa and Michigan State. I really believe it'll be the same thing at Nebraska with their coaching staff. They've all been connected for a long time even though they are new at Nebraska. They've all been together at some point and know each other."

"Having a relationship outside of just coaching and school is also important," Matt's mother Christine added. "There needs to be that togetherness."

The Hawkeyes are known for coaching stability ever since Kirk Ferentz took over as head coach in Iowa City. He and offensive line coach Brian have been an integral part of Iowa's involvement in Farniok's recruiting process.

"I really like the stability at Iowa and I really like Brian Ferentz," Christine discussed further. "I like the way that he interacts with his players and the way he can banter. He's a funny guy and a straight shooter. That helps with football players and kids. They need to know exactly what you want and what you mean."

Farniok said that his favorites still consist of Iowa, Michigan State, and Nebraska and no changes or trimming of that list have occurred. However, he did take away a lot of positives from his time on the Hawkeye campus.

"They take care of their football players," he shared some of his additional thoughts on the visit. "It's not all just about football. They take care of them off the field as well. It happens that way in every sport at Iowa and everyone gets along so well."

"They have a great strength coach," Farniok added about Iowa. "They've also produced a long line of really good offensive linemen."

Now that Farniok has been to all three of Lincoln, East Lansing, and Iowa City he can make his final decision between the three Big Ten schools and the turnaround will be quick.

"This visit helped," he admitted. "Now that I've seen all three, I know what to expect at each one. They're all very similar in what they do and how they do things. I get along with all three coaching staffs. I'm close with Brian Ferentz. I get along well with all three offensive line coaches."

It's decision time now for the family. Matt expects to have his choice completed very, very soon. It will not be a process that lasts until February 3.

"I'll announce my decision later this week," Farniok stated. "It'll be a low-key deal. I want to get it done before Signing Day."

His mother knows that he has all the resources he needs in his two older brothers who have experienced exactly what he is right now.

"The only thing I care about is that Matt goes to where he is most comfortable and where he'll be the most successful," his mother Christine concluded. "Only he can answer those questions so I will support him in whichever of the three schools he chooses."

"He isn't a big talker," she continued about her son. "He just needs a day or two to process everything. He'll ask me a few questions if he needs to but he'll rely on his older brothers, Tom and Derek. They've been through it. They can answer any question he may have."

We'll all know soon. Stay with Scout to find out the latest on Matt Farniok and his college decision that will come down to Iowa, Michigan State, and Nebraska.

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