Busy but waiting, DE, Michael Tate

He's ready to commit. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but Michael Tate has a team he likes. So much so, that he hasn't been shy about voicing that affection to anyone that would listen. That team offering him is what he has been waiting on since who knows when. Believe me, it's not all he has to do, but that offer is high amongst those things he's thinking most about right now.

Most high school kids find the summer as a time to
relax and enjoy the three month vacation away from
school. Whether it's swimming, fishing, hanging out
with friends, or merely "vegging" out in front of the
television, summer has traditionally been the time for
kids to be kids.

Not so with Michael Tate. The defensive end from
Tulsa, Oklahoma is spending his summer not only
working two jobs, but also preparing for his senior
season at Washington High School. When asked how his
summer was going, Michael replied "I've been working
twenty-four seven! I start at 6:00 a.m. working out,
and then I head straight to work."

The recruiting process can be a hassle to some, but
Michael clearly sees the other side of it. "I'm
enjoying the recruiting process and the attention that
I get from the schools that are interested in me"
Michael stated.

While recently receiving scholarship offers from
Missouri and Oklahoma State, the one offer he is
looking for, has thus far eluded him. "I receive a lot
of letters from Nebraska, but still no offer" Michael
remarked. One might assume that his interest in
Nebraska would dwindle without an offer, but they
would assume wrong "Don't get mistaken, Nebraska is
still number one on my list" Michael exclaimed!

Michael felt he had a good shot of receiving a
Nebraska offer during its summer camp, but was unable
to attend. The Huskers want to watch his first couple
games before deciding whether an offer will be given.

As far as the rest of his summer plans go, Michael
replied "I'm trying to set up an unofficial visit to
Nebraska before my season gets going. I want to get up
there to look around and see what it's like."

The Insiders currently has Michael listed as a 3-star
defensive end.

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