Nebraska HC Mike Riley's Opening NSD Presser Thoughts

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley gave his opening thoughts regarding the Huskers' class on Wednesday before taking questions from the media.

Opening Statement

“All right, let’s go. A little football for a little bit. Then we’ve got to wait a month. I think this is the fifth day in the last 25 that I’ve spent in Lincoln, so it’s good to be back, and it’s great to be back on this day in particular. It’s a big day for Nebraska and an exciting day for Nebraska football. We went through the day, in one good way, we had no real surprises. Everybody that was supposed to sign, everyone we thought was going to sign, they did. We’ve got a pretty versatile class here, I suppose is one way to look at it. As you recruit and as you put your plan together, one of the plans is always to get the right person and the right football talent. You’ve got to start with that. That’s always a big part of it. The other part of that is trying to fit the needs of your football team and going through a year with the team, you’re looking at the number of players at each position, and what you would like, ideally, 12 linebackers that are on your team, something like that. You’re trying to hit those spots, and sometimes you don’t want to do that if it’s a big number you’ve got to get to, you don’t necessarily want to do all of it in one year with all of those kids in the same class. Like at linebacker, we’ve got three more guys and we still want to build that number up and we’re getting closer to it, so we’re excited about that. We graduated more starters in the offensive line than any other position, so we’ve got four offensive linemen. That’s a good deal. We’ve got some receivers that are going to continue to grow and help us. So we just about hit all the positions that way. We’re getting closer to having the right number at each position as we go along, and we feel like we have good players and the right people for this university and the state. It’s exciting. 


“We’ve got some more news, Lane Hovey is going to transfer to Montana. I hate to lose Lane, a wonderful, great man and a really good football player who is making a decision for him to find more opportunities to play. He played for us and would get in the games, but maybe looking for a little more opportunity to play and I get that totally, but like I said, we just wish him the best because he’s a great, great young man and he’ll always be a Nebraska football alum. He’ll be connected with us. Joe Keels has found a place, he’s got a sixth year and he’s going to play at Eastern Michigan. Trai Mosley has transferred to Central Arkansas. Adrienne Talan has left the program, we think he’s going to end up at a junior college at this time. And then we’ve got our class.”

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