David Engelhaupt loses breath - then signs with Nebraska

Norfolk Catholic prospect David Engelhaupt might have received a late offer, but he was never a late thought.

Norfolk Catholic running back/linebacker David Engelhaupt was having a pretty normal day on Monday. He wasn’t thinking about recruiting. The senior had been committed to Wyoming for quite some time.  He was happy about it. Ready to make the most of his career.

Then the unthinkable happened. Literally something he “didn’t expect at all.” 

Nebraska, the in-state school, also known as a dream school, offered him a full ride scholarship with less than 48 hours before National Signing Day. 

“Shocked. Pretty shocked. It took my breath away,” said Engelhaupt. “I wasn’t expecting it.”

It didn’t take long for him to make a decision. But before an announcement could be made, he had to make a call.

“I called Wyoming right away,” said Engelhaupt. “They were upset, but they also understood. The first thing Coach Bohl said was he tried to put himself in my shoes. He would be thinking the same thing, but he was still upset about it.”

Engelhaupt will head to Lincoln as a tight end. While he has plenty of experience catching the football, most of the time it has been out of the backfield.

“When I heard them say H-back, I got really excited. I have always wanted to try receiver and tight end stuff,” said Engelhaupt. “I’m honored. It’s a great opportunity I have been given. I look to make the most of it.”

Head coach Mike Riley on Wednesday was asked how the offer went down.  

“It was a last-minute offer to David Engelhaupt, but it was not a last-minute thought. We had him in camp, we liked him, he was part of our conversation for the year,” said Riley. “We never stepped forward with it because of our numbers and then at the end, when we were presented with an opportunity, we had a long talk, we revisited it on video and liked it.”

Riley said Engelhaupt’s performance at Nebraska’s camp was very benefical.

“He ran well in the 4-5s and the 40 for a big guy. We never forgot that,” said Riley.” And it’s another good example of what an opportunity at a camp can do for a young man, because had we not seen him in person like that, we may not have revisited it like we did; but we liked what we saw and never forgot. We had an opportunity at the end and we used that opportunity to get what I think is a good football player.”

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