Nebraska QB prospect Tristan Gebbia Talks Visit To Ole Miss

Nebraska four-star quarterback prospect Tristan Gebbia talks with about his trip to Ole Miss.

"It was my first time to see Oxford," he said. "It was only my second time to be in the South. I went to Alabama once, and that's it. We got there Thursday and got to see everything Friday."

The Rebels opened their baseball season Friday. It was an Ole Miss opening day record crowd of over 10,100. Tristan was in attendance.

"That was really cool to see that many people there. I've been to a bunch of Dodgers games where there were not that many people at the game. They have great fans at Ole Miss. You can really tell they love their team in that community."

This visit was more about getting acquainted to Oxford and the Ole Miss football program.

"I just tried to go in and soak it all up as much as I could. I wanted to see if I could envision myself there the next three to four years, but more importantly, I wanted to see if I would be happy there if I were just a normal student. After seeing everything I would have to say yes. I loved the environment down there. It could be very beneficial for my future. I was impressed with what I saw."

Tristan Gebbia's father, Rich Gebbia, was a tight end for the Rebels in the late's 80s. Rich's most memorable moment was a game winner against Tulane on the last play of the game in 1989. Coming back to Oxford was a trip down ole memory lane for Rich.

"It had been 25 years since my dad had been on their campus. It was like walking down memory lane for him. There has obviously been a lot of changes since he was in school, but he said it still has the same feel as it did when he was in school. My dad loved his time there. My dad always talks about his days at Ole Miss, but we have never been a family to root for just one team. I've just grown up watching college football. I really started paying attention to Ole Miss when (QB) Jeremiah Masoli played there. It's amazing how far coach Freeze has taken the program since then. I have watched a lot of their games while Bo Wallace and Chad Kelly have been there. What they have done is amazing."

The time on the Ole Miss campus gave their family an opportunity to get more acquainted with the Ole Miss coaching staff.

"We got to see their facilities and just sit down and spend a lot of time with their coaches. We talked about how they like to run their program. How they operate things around there. It's truly a family environment around there. All their little kids are running around their facility and going everywhere with the players. It's not like that at most places. That's what made Ole Miss unique to me. You just don't see that everywhere. It was refreshing to see."

What stood out the most about the Rebels during the trip?

"I would have to go back to their environment. It's a lot different in L.A. People are really, really friendly in Oxford. People would just be walking by and say hello with a smile on their face. They have no idea who you are. They just smile and say hello. That's really cool to see that things are different in different places. It was just awesome to see. I could really see myself in that type of environment."

The Ole Miss quarterback coach, Dan Werner, believes Tristan would be a perfect fit for his offense.

"He just talked about how I can be a great fit in their system. Things could fall into place for me to be successful there, but I'm going to have to work my tail off because they are getting so many great players at Ole Miss now. You see what they are doing in recruiting, but things are in place for me to be really successful in their offense. They love to sling it around. They have the best collection of receivers in the country. Their offensive system is right up my alley. That's a big plus."

Scout's No. 15 overall ranked quarterback has a top five that consist of Ole Miss, Washington, Washington State, Nebraska, and Utah. He had already visited Washington, Washington State and Nebraska. Tristan got a chance to see West Virginia and Ole Miss over the past week.

"West Virginia is a great place too. They play a good brand of football. They also have a great atmosphere to play in. It was an overall great experience."

"Utah has a beautiful campus. They play a good brand of football. It's a little closer to home, but that's not going to be a big factor in my decision. I'm looking to go somewhere that they throw the ball a lot, and they plan to start throwing it around a little more. It will be interesting to see how that goes."

"I've been to Nebraska a couple times. They are really in the first year of their remodeling. They didn't have the best season last year, but they played a lot of tight games. It's the first year under their new staff. They are looking to throw the ball more next season as well. That will be exciting to see how that develops."

"Washington has a beautiful campus. I could really see myself living there after football because it's a great town."

"'Washington State likes to sling it around 60 times a game. It's a fun system to play in."

Scout's No. 185 overall rated player will make a final decision sooner than later now that he has had a chance to visit his five finalist.

"I definitely would like to make it before the start of my senior season. I'm not going to rush myself so I can make a sound decision, but it's going to come sooner than later. I'm getting a better picture of where things stand right now."

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at

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