Ready to step it up, Dwayne Jones

It's that time. The heat is up, the pads are on, the hitting, just beginning. Players across the country prepare for another season of football, some their final season at the high school level. That means for many, trying to concentrate on their swan-song season and also pay attention to where they will go to college once, the high school hear is all said and done. It's just not that easy.

Dwayne Jones is getting enough attention from around the country, he shouldn't have to worry about making a decision anytime soon. That's the comfort that comes with being considered one of the better running backs in the country.

You've got the size, speed and strength to show everyone at the very least some serious physical potential and between the receiving and rushing stats the year prior, the versatility is obvious.

With that in mind, some still think about recruiting, but some concentrate on what they deem the most important part of what's going on right now. "I'm worried about getting ready for the season." Dwayne said of preparing for his final year of high school football. "What you do now decides what you do during the games, so it's time to step it up."

What's stepped up for Jones is the mail, but considering this is the time for no-contact, at least from coach to recruit, the mail increases trying to make up for the lack of personal interaction. "The mail is crazy at times." Dwayne said. "I've gotten used to it, but there's still a whole lot of it"

What mail there is comes from schools all over the country, coast to coast, region to region, Jones is getting it from everywhere. With that in mind, Dwayne has his eyes on a few schools that have offered him (Nebraska, Rutgers and Boston College), but the one school that he has his eye on particularly hasn't offered as of yet. "If Ohio State offers me, that's probably where I will go." Dwayne said.

Absent of that offer, should it not come though? "I've got a few on my list, but Nebraska is probably up there along with Virginia." he said.

For Jones, there's two reasons to wait to do anything as far as officials and of course, making his decision official. One, he's waiting to see if the Buckeyes do offer and two, if that doesn't happen, he wants to evaluate the rest to see just what's right for him. "I'm looking everywhere right now." Jones stated. "So, if Ohio State doesn't come through, I will have seen enough of other schools that I won't know a thing about them. So, I am going to wait it out most likely."

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