Two-Sport Star, Athlete, Robert McDonald

A possible if not probable gem coming out of Florida, Robert McDonald is presently unsung, but certainly not undone. This is his year to make it happen. McDonald comes out of the Sunshine State with a great all-around potential, his ability to play a myriad of positions being his biggest attraction to recruiters. He's looking to make that even more attractive in his last go-around at the prep-level.

There is a lot to admire about Robert McDonald. First and foremost, this young man gives as much off the field as he does on. I know that you want great players, but everyone knows that you want great kids as well. Robert fits the template of versatile athlete, but not just because he's physical, but because he's smart as well.

Sporting a 4.3 GPA, having scored over an 1100 on his S.A.T. (which he plans to retake, if you can believe it) and actually wanting to take the A.C.T. on top of that, the intelligence of McDonald is obvious.

That also translates to game-smarts as well, because McDonald just doesn't play with brains, he plays with instincts to boot.

Here's what Florida's premier prep-scout, Larry Blustein had to say about young Robert:

"Because he is such a tremendous athlete, you watch all the things he can do for a football team. Will not be a quarterback at the next level, but his ability to create could land him either in the offensive backfield as a runner or in the defensive secondary. As a defensive back, he isn't afraid to come up and make plays, He has a nose for the football which is essential to play at the big time level."

"Yet another quality athlete from the central Florida area who could emerge as one of the top athletes in the state by the end of the season." - Larry Blustein (

Such potential has McDonald's mailbox crammed week in and week out, but schools are doing just what you might expect, watching and waiting. Robert did state that one school hasn't waited in showing how much they wanted him, Nebraska stating that McDonald had an offer waiting for him as an athlete should he decide to attend UNL.

That offer bodes well for his confidence, but when it comes to the school he wants to go to, programs well known for just football aren't the only schools he is looking at. "Nebraska said they are looking at me as a football player and basketball player." Robert said. And who wouldn't?

After putting up almost 23 points a game with right around 5 assists per game last season from primarily the point-guard position, the luster takes even more shape when talking about the Cypress Creek standout.

That added versatility opens up more doors for him and makes his choice a little broader in scope. "I would like to see a good opportunity." Robert said. "I want to stay close to home, but if the situation is perfect for me, I'll leave."

That situation isn't necessarily a great football program and a great basketball program, but rather pretty good opportunities to see the field in each. "I'm not looking to go somewhere, where I won't see the field until my last year there." Robert said. "I'm going to play, so I want to go someplace that will allow me to do that in either sport or both if that is the case."

With so many questions as to what he plans on doing or if Robert is to even stay in-state, that still hasn't kept him from eyeing some schools out there that he looked at as either ideal, part of a wish-list of sorts and of course, basic interest in schools interested in him. His top five right now is Miami, Nebraska, Clemson, Louisville and Georgia.

As for when Robert plans on taking visits, he wasn't sure, indicated that he might want to take one during the season, but is more worried about the season right now than he is about recruiting. The rest of the visits and a decision is likely not in the near future.

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