Nebraska-Purdue post: Tim Miles

Tim Miles takes with the media after the Huskers loss to Purdue, 81-62.

Opening Statement

“First of all it, was great to recognize our seniors (Benny Parker and Shavon Shields) and honor them because they’ve been terrific kids to coach. If you had to start a program, I don’t think you can find two finer people to do it with.


To the game. I thought this was a game where we were outmatched physically. There’s no question. I think at the end whether it was resignation or disappointment, you kind of get that. The middle run in the first half was what frustrated me the most. We didn’t make multiple efforts and when you’re outmatched and you’re physically disadvantaged you’ve got to have this urgency and intensity on the ball everywhere and we just didn’t have that. I think that was disappointing and I don’t know if quite frankly we were intimidated with some of our guys or what it was but I didn’t have them in the right place mentally, obviously.


The one thing we have to do is be able to fight and we at least ended the half with fighters out there. Ed (Morrow Jr.) and I thought Nick Fuller did a great job of getting that thing back to a workable number or a few possession game so we could go out and feel like we could compete in the second half and feel like we can win.”


On the lack of help for Shavon tonight

“Our starting guards go 6-26. We ran all kinds of actions to try and get Andrew (White III) going. There’s some things that I believe he could do better for himself. Run harder in transition, rip pivot and drive to try and get to the foul line, he hasn’t been to the foul line much in the last two games. There’s some things you have to be able to do. Everyone goes through a little funk and certainly that injury threw him off, but now I think he’s healthy and we’ve got to get him back on track. I think Benny (Parker) was pressing. This night can do that to guys. Tai (Webster) had a tough night.”


On regaining a home court advantage

“We’ve got good players and I think we’re losing a heart and soul guy and a really good player. I think we’ve got a really good player sitting out. I think we are bringing in two really solid recruits and we need another center. You never know what else might happen with roster management. I hope it doesn’t but at the same time I know we need to add pieces to this puzzle and we’re adding three more pieces next year, that’ll be good barring we don’t lose anyone of critical nature. I think we’ll get better and better from this.”


On the mental state of the team

“I thought tonight there was true disappointment, frustration and even resignation, which really bothered me. I think they resigned to we can’t handle these guys. It’s such a bad matchup that I don’t know what we can do. You could see it in the second half in the last six minutes of the game when we couldn’t get it under fourteen again.”

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