BRR 1-on-1: Dylan Utter

Senior offensive lineman Dylan Utter talks about spring football and working the center spot.

On leadership
“I’m pretty confident. I have been here for three years and I have a good knowledge for the game so I can help other guys in positions to succeed.”

On seeing other guys step up
“Quite a bit of those guys have stepped up they kind of have no option right now. A lot of guys left last year so guys like Nick Gates, guys like that are stepping up. They play good ball for us.”

On staying committed
“It is definitely a good thing. It shows that if we buy in, a lot of good things can happen. Coming into the winter workouts we knew if we bought in good things would happen.”

“It is definitely a good thing, it shows that we are out of our box. I mean if you can show you have more manpower over someone else it can be good. I mean that’s kind of what we plan on doing all year is just running the ball.”

On how this spring will be easier than last
“Last spring was really hectic, we learned a lot of different terms and stuff like that so we have a whole year under our belt so we can identify stuff a lot better so we can go with the flow instead of learning step by step.”

On the new practice schedule
“It is really interesting because we have lifting in between practices so we can still maintain our strength and conditioning which is a good thing so we don’t lose that for games.”

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