Nebraska spring preview: Ross Dzuris

Nebraska defensive end Ross Dzuris talks about the Huskers' spring practices and having a new position coach.

On Coach Parrella
“I’m pretty excited. I’m excited to have a coach where he played for Nebraska and played on the D-line, you know he is pretty excited to coach us so yeah.”

On getting to meet with Coach Parrella one on one
“I have only been able to meet a few times, I know he has been busy, he only had about a week to move down here and get everything situated so things have been hectic but whenever we have talked he has been excited and looking forward to this spring.”

On being a leader
“Yeah I definitely see myself as a leader out there and I think other guys do too. Especially the walk on guys for sure. I’m not a vocal leader but I am working every day, just a day by day leader. I think I have stepped it up a lot.”

On what to expect from redshirts from last year
“I’m excited to see what they can do this spring and I think Coach Parrella is too. I think the big thing is just getting better each day with them and being able to prove that they can play at this level.”

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