Nebraska Spring: Marcus Newby (3-8-16)

Nebraska linebacker Marcus Newby talks about his goals for the spring and what the differences are in his game.

LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska junior Marcus Newby's journey to the linebacker spot has been well documented before.

In ten games last season (six starts), the former Semper Fi All-American recorded 34 tackles and one sack.

Extremely athletic, it wasn’t just his skills on the field that made last year possible. Newby credits an increase attention to the film room as a main factor.

“I really didn’t watch too much film when I first got in," Newby said. "Last spring when they came in, with their defensive scheme, I knew it fit me and I had to change my ways and if I wanted to play I had to watch film, learn and grow in my assignment.”

Back to the athleticism part.

At 6-foot-1, 235 pounds, Newby recently was among the performance index testing leaders on the team.

“It surprised me. I didn’t know my name was going to pop across the board,” said Newby. “It was a huge spring for me. I feel like I got a lot stronger. I feel like I’m in better shape than I was before.

“I worked my a** off. Excuse my language.”

Newby is running with the second team linebackers at the moment, behind senior Michael Rose-Ivey.


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