Nebraska Spring: Brian Stewart (3-15-16)

Nebraska assistant Brian Stewart talks about the difference from coaching just corners compared to the whole secondary.

LINCOLN, Neb. – We are not for sure what to call assistant coach Brian Stewart at the moment? Is he the secondary coach? Is he now just the cornerbacks’ coach?

In case you missed Big Red Report’s first spring practice report, defensive coordinator Mark Banker is now focusing on the safeties, while Stewart focuses in on just the corners. 

“I think if you look all across the nation, both in the NFL and in college, the DBs are split,” said Stewart. “Corners play more man and have different eye discipline. You have to make sure you are on your guy…The safeties are in the box. We do a lot of different things and it should help us out.”

Returning for a second season, the coaching position has been somewhat of a revolving door in Lincoln since joining the Big Ten, causing players to adjust to a new position coach each season. 

 “I think they are comfortable. They are excited to be able to know the drills and know the things we are going to do,” said Stewart. “Everything being consistent is always good.” 

Over the course of a few practices the media has been able to observe, the defensive back position along with the wide receivers have had some heated contests. Nebraska wide receivers coach Keith Williams has been known to talk a little “smack” when it comes to his guys beating a defensive back. As for Stewart?

“That’s my neighbor, so I have to here not just on the field, but at home to,” said Stewart. “It’s exciting, it’s fun. The players enjoy it also. It can be doggy dog out there and drag on, but when players excited and have a little competition, it’s pretty exciting.

“I’m more sarcastic. He likes to talk, I’m more sarcastic.”

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