Nebraska Spring: Chris Jones (3-16-16)

Nebraska corner Chris Jones discusses being the No. 1 guy at his spot.

LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska defensive back Chris Jones says his confidence and eventual rise to the starting corner spot started in Miami. It was against the Hurricanes, when a deep ball was thrown down the field and Jones played it well, leading to an incomplete pass.

“It built confidence. I knew I could do this,” said Jones, who is looking to fend off a group of talented young corners this spring. “My spot could be taken anytime. So I act like I’m one of those young guys coming in. Even though I’m in a position where I’m starting, I want to be better than I am.”

Jones says the spring is about improving his technique and playing the ball better. He also feels it is a time for him to grow as a leader.

“I would to be a leader. I want to step up and take the role. I see guys make mistakes and I want to correct them,” said Jones. “I want to make sure things are going right.”

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