HC Recruiting Update - LB, Maurice Cantrell

He can play just about any position out there. And, sometimes he does. A multi-talented Mr. Versatility, Maurice has the ability to be put just about anywhere and as they say, get it done. That's what he does and this year, he's planning on doing a whole lot more.

I'm always going on about size, but that's one of the few things you can't teach. You can't teach size and Cantrell has the size that doesn't make you think of just one position. 6'1" - 215 and a reported 4.54/40, well, I know you can't think of just one position where this young man wouldn't be ideal.

With that in mind, Maurice is getting attention from a variety of Midwestern schools. He commented though on where it's the most heated. "Iowa State is showing me a lot of attention along with Iowa and Colorado and Nebraska are as well." he said. The Cyclones stand as his one offer in writing thus far, but it's nothing Cantrell is too concerned with at this point.

This point is just the beginning and it won't be until December when Maurice takes even his first visit. As with most high school players, the focus needed for their final season at the high school level is enough that they aren't thrilled about making a big hill even bigger if they don't have to.

Out of those school showing him the most interest, Maurice said he has an order right now. "It's Iowa State first, Iowa second and Nebraska and Colorado are tied for third." Cantrell also did mention two other schools, but isn't sure just how the recruiting situation with them will work out. "I like Miami and Notre Dame a lot, but both of them have a lot of commits and just from the numbers, I don't know how that's all going to work out." Maurice said. "They're already looking at a lot of players."

Maurice's list is a reflection of current-times as you could imagine, but as you would also assume, the more offers that come in, the more that's likely to change just how Cantrell looks at his current situation. With so much time though and his entire senior year of football to go, this one is on the burner and after his first three or so games, you could expect the attention to start heating up for Maurice as well.

Last year at the Linebacker position, Cantrell's reported stats were: 80 tackles, 24 solos, 4 interceptions, 5 tackles for losses and 1 fumble recovery.  

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