Another "Joizey" star, DE, Daniel Davis

"Joizey" is loaded. Not to say that doesn't apply about a lot of things, but when talking about quantities of standout high school football players, Jersey is flat loaded. The names that are being recruited by the big boys is long, but Daniel Davis finds himself fairly close to the top. He'll be another Joizey Juggernaut going into this final high school year.

In the off-season, you never want to treat it like it's all just going through the motions, but as the days draw closer to the point where you put on all those pads, you start to feel like the warm-up is over and once again, it's game-time. It's time to get it going for real. "We've been doing the 7-on-7s, but pretty soon, we are going to be putting on the full equipment and everyone will know that it's that time again."

"That time" will be the last time for Davis, his swan-song-season as he looks to help his team to a state title. And, despite the attention he's getting now, he's looking to bring his name out there even more, trying to make as much noise on the field as he can. "I am going to try to be one of the most dominant players in the state, the whole nation if I can."

His expectations are high, but for prep-all-stars like Davis, that's to be expected. Based on Davis' measurements also (6'2" - 250+ - 4.69/40), you can't help but think of just what kind of damage this rush end can deal out.

Actually, not just at rush end, because as Daniel stated, based on what he's hearing from schools, he doesn't know just what he will be playing in college. "I've been talked to about rush end, about linebacker, tight end, fullback and just about everywhere I think." Davis stated. "Most are recruiting me as a rush end, but even they say that I'm athletic enough to play more than just that."

Along with the written offers he has from Nebraska, Rutgers and Virginia, Davis stated that the mail he is getting during this non-contact period is coming from just about everyone else. That kind of attention is leaving him open about what he wants to do, but even with that mind-set, he's still looking at a few schools right now, Georgia and Maryland adding to the aforementioned schools as likely candidates for Daniel.

I couldn't resist though in that you always want to know about these top fives and just how serious certain teams are, so I had to ask if amongst this top five did any teams stand out. "I've done a couple of other interviews where I say I like a team and then it's just this big headline that I have them as an obvious leader." Davis said. "It's not like that, because I have teams I like, but that's just right now."

"My initial impressions are good right now on Nebraska, Virginia and Georgia and the other two schools are like a centimeter behind." he said.

Daniel said that he hasn't really decided on when he would like to take his official visits. He's leaning towards taking some during the season, but considering what is sure to be a demanding schedule coming up soon, Daniel is still weighing his options.

Davis is projected both at rush end and at linebacker at the collegiate level.  

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