Husker Practice Report - Wednesday

What can you expect from the first official day of practice? A lot of mistakes, a lot of new things to learn and a lot of new players that have to continue on from their off-season workouts. It's the annual event that begins the home-stretch until the start of the season on Aug. 30th. Today was day one.

Your practicing in sweats, you'll run a few plays and of those plays you run, you will do it over and over until you understand. Also, considering the circumstances of this team, it's not just the new players this applies to. In a sense, everyone is a freshmen again, but it was the "real" freshmen that stood out today. "I'm real impressed with the freshman, the new guys on campus." coach Solich said. "I thought that as a group, they tested very well and out there did a lot of good things."

You would have to think that like last year, Nebraska will need a good influence from their in-coming players, in some areas, possibly as starters and in others, simply to shoulder up some depth. Positivity aside as to what they accomplished today however, the road to knowing what's going on is long. "They're raw." Solich stated. "They are rough around the edges, but it's a good young group, they'll come and give us some help."

Focusing more on the practice itself, it was long. Though I didn't look at my watch, I think it ran approximately 30 minutes longer than it normally does. That was intentional. "We did increase the length of practice today, but we also practice a little differently than the old method." Solich stated.

"We have extensive meeting time because we aren't going on two-a-days and all in all I think it worked out well. That will play out well for people learning a new system."

For the first day, Nebraska players probably saw the easiest time they are going to have in regards to what they have to learn about the new system. A few plays here, a few there, no problem. Of course, then there's tomorrow when they add to those and then more. That's when it gets interesting. "We put 2 basic things in defensively today, about 4 or 5 running plays and 7 passes, with a lot of reps, but we will keep putting them in and keep putting them on and that's when it will get a little more difficult when you start to get more multiple."

The players are indeed learning a new system, but the head coach himself is learning something as this whole process goes along. With his reassignment if you will from being an offensive coordinator to being just the head coach, you would find that Solich himself is just as excited if not more-so about getting all this going once again. "It felt good to be out here." he said. "There's only so many times you can sit in on a meeting, so you want to get going and get on the field, so it's good to be out here."

Nebraska will again practice tomorrow, the next session again in sweats. The players will star going with half-padded workouts this Friday and will graduate to full-pads this Sunday.

    Other News:

  • Darren DeLone was to have arrived on campus yesterday at apprx. 2 p.m. DeLone was delayed in arriving to Nebraska based on a class that had to be finished to fullfill his academic requirements.

  • Jason Lohr didn't practice due to back spasms. Coach Solich reported that it wasn't serious and Lohr should be back this week if not tomorrow.

  • Lannie Hopkins did not participate in practice due to a chronic groin injury.

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