You interview the players!

You have a question for a coach or player that you desperately want to ask, but don't know how? Well, now you know, because we here at HC are bringing you yet closer than you might have ever been as we ask YOUR questions to the players. You ask, we ask and the answers come back to you from that person. It's almost too easy, but it is just that easy. If you don't believe me, just check it out.


Can you ask Benard what his thoughts are on the coaching changes?

BENARD: "It's all good. No politics with this group like other times. What they say, that's what they mean and you don't think about anything after that. You know that you have to earn it with them the way it's supposed to be and that's how you do things and how you get it done. The best players play, that's it."

Maybe ask him how hard it was to take a healthy Redshirt last year and how much he is chomping at the bit to get on the field again finally?

"I did what I thought I had to do at the time. What I thought was best for me and I'm just going to go out there and make these last two years something special. I'm not worried anymore about what was, because it's not like that anymore. What's now is what's now and I'm ready to get down to it."


Another for the JUICE:

What differences does he see in attitude on the Defense this year?

"Everyone is excited to be out there. We're all joking around, having fun and just getting after it. It's alot more about respect though because of those you are playing for. When everyone says they will run through a wall for a guy like coach Pelini, that means everyone is ready to get down to business and that's what we are. Ready to get down to business."

Will he take on the role of "inspirational" leader on D?

"I feel like I am kind of a leader out there, so if someone isn't doing it right or not giving enough, I get on them, we get on them or whoever. It's not just one guy this year, because everyone is getting on everyone else to step it up. Last year the defense didn't always play like a team and this year, we are playing like it and acting like it to."


question for Matt Herian

We understand you have gained some weight. Do you feel as quick as before?

"I'm up to around 240 now and I think I finished the season at around 225. The speed is right about where it was last year to. The strength coach said I could put on the weight and as long as I did the right things with lifting and all that, it would stay pretty much the same."

Also, we know the team goal every year is to win the Big XII and go on from there. What are one or two of your personal goals this season?

"We're not looking at like we have to win titles or anything like that. We are just trying to play well. I think that you can get ahead of yourself and start thinking down the road too far and a season like we had last year happens. We are looking to do things right each game and let the rest take care of itself."

(personal goals)

"I know that because of how I did things last year and going deep so much, I didn't want to come in expecting that this year. I think I need to just work on my short stuff, the more intermediate routes and just try to get better all-around. People are going to be watching me pretty good this year because of the success I had last year getting deep."

OK, that was all I could get for now because I just couldn't get to all the player I wanted, but I will get to some more tonight after practice, so stay tuned for more answers to YOUR questions for the players. Oh, and coaches to.


I'd be interested to know how the JC transfers, especially DeFrand and Wali, are adjusting to Lincoln and what their initial sense about playing time is.

"I am glad to be here. I worked hard to get here, but finally, I made it and I am glad."

"Its different here. Bigger, a lot more fans, nicer."

(Playing time) "I'll stand on the field, block or whatever. I'll do whatever it is just to play. That's all I want to do."

Just a note on this in that DeFrand is being looked at and worked out at as a kick returner along with his duties at cornerback. It's something that Donald likes to do. "I returned punts in high school and junior college. I love to return kicks."


Could you ask Chris Loos and Willie Amos how they have responded to their knee operations?

(Chris Loos) "It's going great. It's back to probably full strength and I am running around on it. I've been running all Summer and haven't had to miss any (workouts)."

(Willie Amos) "I feel like I am about 80 percent right now. Not full speed and I am doing what I can do."

"I feel like I will get better than I have ever been, but I don't think it's going to be in the near future. It's where it is supposed to be though."


Can you ask Donald Defrand how his injury is doing, and how close to 100% he is?

"I'm right around 90 percent. I don't have any pain when I run on it and it feels good. So, I think I am almost all the way back."


I hope you get a chance to talk with Jake Andersen. If so, please ask him how he views the team unity on the O-line. How excited is he to come out of that tunnel on 8/30 to get this season underway.

"As far as when I have been here along the line, it's as good as it's been since I have been here if not better. Everybody gets along with everybody. We all have the same goal in mind, the same focus, so it helps us get along."

Also, I would be curious if he has any reservations about going to Nebraska vs either joining his high school teammate, Bo Scaife, at Texes or playing for one of the Colorado schools

"Nope. Never really thought about it."


Anyway, I would like to ask Coach Albin to describe his duties as passing game coordinator.

"All I can say is that I am an extension of Barney. During the game, he's the guy, but if he needs any input, I'm there and between games, I'm in his ear just giving my two cents in there on ideas or anything that we might want to do. I'm an extension of whatever he wants to do and if he wants to use something of mine, that's great, if not, that's great to, but I'm always putting my two cents in."


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