Nebraska Spring: Kevin Maurice (3-30-16)

Nebraska defensive tackle Kevin Maurice on helping the younger group of defensive lineman to get ready.

LINCOLN, Neb. - After coming on late in the 2015 season, Nebraska senior defensive tackle Kevin Maurice has taken a leadership role on the defensive line. Maurice is running with the first-team unit, but says he's still learning everyday."

"I feel good. Especially with Coach Parrell now. He's got a better feel for the inside guys," said Maurice. "He played the position. So everything he's teaching he's done it." 

Playing alongside Maurice often is former defensive end Greg McMullen, who is leaning on his fellow senior to get up to par. 

"He's asked me a couple times on stuff that he's not used to," said Maurice. "The sky is the limit...He's a real big physical dude. He can push people around." 

Check out the video above for more from Maurice. 

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