Nebraska OL progressing in trenches

Nebraska offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf has seen progression in the offensive line chemistry.


Lincoln, Neb. - The Nebraska football team practiced for two hours in the Hawks Championship Center on Thursday, completing the 11th practice of spring ball. Offensive Coordinator Danny Langsdorf spoke with the media following practice.

"We're doing a nice job of being physical up front, we're playing the way that we wanted to be," Langsdorf said of the offensive line. "I think we've got some tough guys up front. I think Tanner Farmer is playing pretty well in that guard position and we've got Dylan playing the guard and the center, he's moving around a little bit. I think we're showing some physicality up there with that group and I think they're starting to come together."

Langsdorf then said that he believes the physicality of the offensive line came from their toughness and determination to outwork the defensive line. He did add there is still room for the offensive line to improve.

"We've gotta be more solid in the protection, especially against pressure."

On prospects for the tight end position, Langsdorf mentioned seniors Cethan Carter and Sam Cotton and also said "Trey (Foster) is giving us some good reps, he's got some good leadership abilities, he's a vocal guy and he's taken charge of that group."

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