Thursday Practice Report

The biggest difference between day one and day two is that everyone has those jitters out of just what to expect for practice. The coaches finally being able to actually coach, they have made their impressions felt and now, it's down to business. A long business to as the practices are inordinately longer than normal, that having to do with the NCAA mandated limitations. Nonetheless, coach Solich and company are making due.

"Second day of practice was another long one for us." Coach Frank Solich said of the Big Red's second day in the stadium. "They worked their way through it pretty good. They ran a couple of "gassers" at the end and they seemed to push themselves at that."

Stamina probably isn't a major consideration right now or won't be until towards the end of the week, but one thing you might not think would be an issue actually concerns the staff enough to mention that fact. "The thing you worry about now that the training table has started, these guys haven't been cooking big fancy meals for themselves and generally don't have a lot of money, so consequently they start to eat a lot better right now than they have over the Summer and that can become a problem."

"So, we are monitoring what their weight is and should have a pretty good handle on that."

The players weight is monitored before and after every practice and as you might guess, those most vulnerable to considerable weight gains or losses are the linemen.

The practices at this point are mostly consisting of adding bits and pieces of the offense and defense each day. As Solich indicated yesterday after practice, the chore of absorbing that information will become steadily more difficult as the days progress and more is loaded onto what is already a considerable amount of memorizing.

The inordinately long practices will continue thru Sunday and Monday will be the first day of two-a-days, alternating every other day in compliance with the NCAA regulation, attempting to address many of the recent tragedies pointed specifically to heat-related stresses.

A schedule was set up for this week that certain newcomers would be speaking with the press. Yesterday, Donald DeFrand and Andy Birkel spoke with the media and today, Joe Dailey and Wali Muhammad were slated to speak. Of the two, Joe Dailey had declined to talk to the media at this time and Tierre Green was substituted in his place.

Tomorrow, Brandon Teamer and Ryan Schuler are scheduled to be on-hand.


  • Darren Delone was still not on campus, Solich stating that he was still addressing his academic status.

  • Jason Lohr did not participate in practice today due to back spasms.

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