Nebraska One Of 10 Choices For Centennial Four-Star Tyjon Lindsey

Tyjon Lindsey is considering 10 college options publicly, but privately, he is preparing to cut his list down to one final choice.

Corona (Calif.) Centennial four-star wide receiver Tyjon Lindsey recently cut his list of college choices from 50 to 10. 

With almost an infinite amount of choices, Lindsey continues to creep closer to a summer time commitment. 

“It wasn’t easy getting to 10, that’s all I can say,” said Lindsey. “The whole recruiting process was kind of getting out of control. 

“You have to keep up with so many coaches and so many different people… it gets stressful. Really, it’s a relief to have a final 10 that I can focus on building a better relationship with.”

Alabama, Auburn, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, Tennessee and Texas A&M are the schools Lindsey is still considering. While it was difficult creating a top 10, Lindsey is already in the process of narrowing that list further in his head. 

However, no one will hear or see a final five or three before he announces his decision. 

“I’m just going to commit,” said Lindsey. “I’m not going to do it anywhere — like at an event. I’ll probably just make a video or something and announce it.”

Plenty of colleges that have offered Lindsey a scholarship have also been eliminated from consideration. In many instances that wouldn’t stop coaches  from still showing up at Centennial to give their recruiting pitches regardless of whether their schools were under consideration or not. 

“When I made my top 10 I called all of those schools and told them thanks, but no thanks,” said Lindsey. “So far, the coaches coming down have been the ones in my top 10. It’s been good to have coaches come by because it shows you how much they want you and think of you.”

USC makes Lindsey’s final 10 for one main reason. 

“It feels like home, which for me, is one of the biggest things,” said Lindsey. 

But Lindsey has also been leaving home white a bit in recent weeks. Visiting Nebraska and Ohio State before performing at an Under Armour exhibition in Baltimore (Md.) 

Whether traveling for recruiting or football, Lindsey takes it in with stride. He did live away from home for several years playing at Bishop Gorman.

“It’s a great experience traveling, and you always have to think about weighing out your options,” said Lindsey. “Traveling for sporting events is fun because it’s an opportunity for you to be able to compete. 

“I use that as a learning experience. Seeing the talent they have in other parts of the country really helps me get better.”

It’s also important to note that while Lindsey will commit some time this summer, the recruiting process will not completely shut down for him. 

“I’m going to take all of my visits,” said Lindsey. “But I’m going to be 100-percent committed wherever I go. I just want to experience the whole college experience.”


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