Nebraska HC Mike Riley Says Defense Has To Be More Sound

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley says the Huskers defense won't likely be a great pressure team in 2016, but needs to be more sound.

After ranking No. 121 in passing yards allowed last season, the Nebraska coaching made it a focus this offseason to shore up the passing defense category.

Appearing on KXTG radio in Oregon, Nebraska head coach Mike Riley talked about his defense.

"We did a nice job in run defense. We were ranked nationally and high in the Big Ten, but we gave up way too many big plays,” said Riley. “Our identity has to be more of a sound defense. We gave up big plays continually, and our pass defense was not good.

“We've done a major-major study in the offseason about coverages and what you have to do a little bit differently is look at your own team, and see what best fits.”

Riley said Nebraska will continue with a four-man front in 2016, but said he could envision a day where Nebraska plays in a 3-4. 

“I don’t think we are going to be a great pressure team, but we just have to be sound,” said Riley. “When I first started coaching defense, we were always in a 3-4, and hope one day to get back to that, but personnel right now we are going to be a four-man front. We will have our base coverages that we run, but we just have to do a better job in those coverages.”

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