Monday Practice Report

The first session of two-a-days are in the books and at this time, few questions can be answered, but progress can certainly be made. With the rigorous workouts from the prior week, the segue into two-a-days wouldn't be easy, but with the NCAA mandate of schools no longer being able to do the double-dips in consecutive days, every single one counts.

The first session of two-a-days was amidst some early fog, a dark sky and a clock that said right around 6:30 a.m. The abnormally early times due to time constraints from some players still in their Summer session of school.

The cool weather was actually a good thing as you might imagine and what was better, it didn't get as hot as it was supposed to throughout the day, making the second session much less torturous compared to what is usually expected. "It was somewhat cool this afternoon in terms of what you would expect this time of year out here with these guys, so it was not a day where they were treated badly by the weather." Solich stated.

Amongst the most significant news from this day could have been the continuing absence of the junior college lineman, Darren DeLone. Having supposed to have arrived last week after trying to clear himself academically, DeLone was a no-show and continues to be that. Yesterday, DeLone was to arrived, Solich stated though that he still hadn't made it in. "Darren DeLone will arrive tonight." Solich said with a grin. That grin coming from a basic lack of not really knowing when the offensive linemen to arrive, but having said repeatedly that he would arrive that day or night, the JUCO transfer never making it in.

As for DeLone's role on this team as the first game of the year draws closer, Solich stated that he would be evaluated first. "We'll check to make sure he's in pretty good physical shape, test him and then possibly throw him in the mix." he said.

Kyle Larson and Jason Lohr were also absent, Lohr still dealing with back spasms and Larson suffering what appears to be a mild sprain, Solich stating that Larson would be out punting in "not too long a time", but continued to say that "we'll be cautious with it and not rush him into punting before he's ready."

Regarding the aforementioned rule the NCAA put into place limiting the number of two-a-days a school can run, coach Solich shared what he considered the pros and cons to adjustments he and his staff have had to make. "You get to meet more with them and that's a positive end of it. You probably don't get them in as good a condition as you would if you had started them sooner and you wouldn't have as many practices, but it gives them a little more rest and a little more meeting time, but with these guys, that's fine because we are still teaching the system to them."

Another adjustment Solich stated was the increase of running to try and address the practice constraints.

Nebraska will do some contact work tomorrow and this Saturday will be the first "major" scrimmage of the Fall Camp.

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