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Nebraska Attracts Solid Recruits For Satellite Camp In California

Nebraska's satellite camp in California on Sunday was a success based off the talent that showed up.

It would be easy to hop on social media, check out the Nebraska staff’s tweets from Sunday afternoon and just assume the satellite camp in California went well.

But really more goes into judging whether a road camp is successful. To be honest, a true letter grade won’t likely be given anytime soon. It might not even happen until February of 2018 – when many sophomores who were participating in Cali on Sunday officially sign their letter of intent. If just one four-star prospects signs on the dotted line due to a relationship that was established two years prior at a satellite camp, the trip was worth it.

Nearly 165 prospects made it out to Oak Park high school on Sunday morning. It could have been more - maybe a lot more.

Nebraska’s camp was originally scheduled to be hosted by Calabasas high school at Calabasas high school, home of commits Keyshawn Johnson Jr. and Tristan Gebbia. Due to wildfires in the area, it was moved on Sunday morning. A walk-up registration event, we will likely never know how many signups Nebraska lost due to changing venues two to three hours before it got started.


The camp’s signature player was Corona (Cali.) Centennial high school standout Tyjon Lindsey, a four-star wide receiver with five-star potential.


The most impressive thing about his decision to attend the event was the fact he already has a Nebraska offer. He’s had one for quite some time. He’s got one from about everyone in the country. The Scout.com Top 100 prospect didn’t come to Nebraska’s camp on Sunday to impressing the coaching staff. He came to learn from wide receiver coach Keith Williams.  


Not very long after the camp, Lindsey announced he would be making his commitment on Aug. 22. Considering he hasn’t visited all of the nine schools, but has visited Lincoln - Nebraska’s in a good place.

Headlining the star power with Lindsey was a group of standouts from Calabasas, all who have a strong relationship with the Nebraska coaching staff.




We have talked about the first two enough. So let’s focus the attention on Radley-Hiles, a potential four-star prospect with 20+ offers in the 2018 class.

Radley Hiles already visited Lincoln for the Huskers’ spring game and made headlines when he had a lengthy conversation with head coach Mike Riley on the field moments after the game.

“Those guys have quality character,” said Radley-Hiles when asked about the staff after the camp. “I love learning so coming from them made it great. We worked technique and becoming fundamentally sound.

“My relationship with the coaching staff hasn't changed at all. We literally picked up right back on the note we left on after I left Lincoln.”

Remember when we brought up the whole 2018 prospect thing earlier? Radley-Hiles would fit in that category.



Another potential 2018 star in attendance was West Hills (Cali.) Chaminade College Prep running back T.J. Pledger. 


With a double-digit offer list, Pledger did come to the camp to impress the staff, in hopes he could earn an offer. Not uncommon. The impressive thing…Pledger already has scholarship tenders from USC, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Georgia, yet still was chasing Nebraska. 

“I’m most definitely interested in Nebraska - a big interest,” said Pledger. “They have a lot of momentum with guys in California. Nebraska wasn’t really a big school for guys out here, but with all those guys, Tristan (Gebbia) and Keyshawn (Johnson Jr.), guys want to see what the big hoopla is.”

You can read more on Pledger by......CLICKING HERE


The Los Angeles (Cali.) Cathedral high school wide receiver isn’t ranked as highly as some of his peers prior in this notebook, but is a double-digit offer prospect who Nebraska has made a high priority target. So high they have indicated they would wait on his recruitment and hold his spot.

Calvin texted Nebraska On Scout the word, “great” when asked to describe the camp on Sunday. He’s already visited Lincoln once and is planning a return trip for the Huskers’ matchup with Oregon for an official visit. Calvin has a lot of West Coast suitors. It may seem silly, but a few hours of working out with Coach (Keith) Williams might go a long way in his recruitment.




Arizona commitment Nathan Tilford was in attendance on Sunday according to information obtained by Big Red Report. According to a report by Rivals.com on Twitter, Tilford will be visiting Lincoln in the near future. One Nebraska fan in attendance was impressed.


Nebraska head coach Mike Riley is a big fan of satellite camps and despite being the head coach of a major university, with a history not many can even come close to rival, he isn’t afraid of a little work.


A look at a few other tweets from after the camp.






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