Sunshine State Stud - DE, Willie Young

Practices are either already in full-swing or just getting started around the prep-world of football. Kids that are pudding pads on or practicing in them, now is the time where it starts to really "feel" like the season is coming. After the so-called "off-season" that was working out and still, more working out, this is the time that two-a-days aside, most players are happy it's arrived.

It's not like Willie Young hasn't had anything else to do, his off-season has been a busy one at that. From a May evaluation that saw a bevy of coaches evaluating him, subsequently extending offers to the rigorous workouts to get in better shape than the year before, let's just say that Young hasn't had much time for himself.

It's that time of year though, the time where, at least for a few hours here and there, Young can forget about all of that, because it's time to get back to business. Practices are upon him and his team once again. "First day at practice back and it seemed like everyone enjoyed being back." Young stated. "I can't wait until Thursday though, because that's when we put on the pads."

That's not a surprising statement coming from a defensive player as most are stereotyped as longing only for the contact. Willie isn't an exception. "The adrenaline is picking up a lot." he said. "A whole lot."

Willie will go into his final season of prep-ball as one of the most sought-after defensive ends in the country. With offers already from schools like, Georgia, Auburn, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Florida and Virginia Tech, he's got nothing left to prove as far as his ability. Willie though doesn't think about what he can do, but things he hasn't done yet. "I have what I can do down pat." Willie said. "Now, I am just looking to see what tricks I can learn now that I don't know. I'm just looking to add to what I can do and get better."

When you are as good as Willie is already, getting better is a scary thought, mostly for the defense, but Young isn't talking about just football where he wants to increase his ability to succeed. "I am trying to stay focused in the classroom." he said. "As of now, it's going pretty good and I don't see that as something that's going to change." Currently, Willie sports a reported 2.7 GPA and has not received his scores back on his SAT test.

Young's attention is everywhere right now. Practices, the classroom and as he said, trying to learn a few "tricks" here and there to better himself as a player, you might think that the recruiting process is taking a back-seat, at least for now.

You would be right.

"Man, it's crazy and I know it's going to get crazier, but I just don't know what I am doing right now." Willie said. "I don't even know when I am going to take my visits. Right now, I just have no idea."

You will have to forgive Young for not placating fans of schools by not picking them on his list, but most will understand if he doesn't. One of the most-recruited defensive ends in the country isn't recruited because all he thinks about is recruiting, it's because that's the last thing he is concerned with right now.

With that in mind, Young will go into his senior season with a stock that is only going to get higher and to address the issue of Willie waiting on a Miami offer, fans of other schools might take some positivity in knowing that the recent commit of DE, Calais Campbell to the Canes could put everyone else square in the picture.

As it is, it's "wait and see" for this Sunshine State standout and you can bet that just about everyone out there is going to do just that.

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