LB, Rodney Gallon - going for another title

Standing out in Florida isn't easy. One super-athlete after another, you have to be something special to get noticed down there. Well, that's bad, but if you play on a team that is used to sending around 9 kids a year to division 1-A schools on scholarship, that's bad enough in and of itself. Lincoln High School in Tallahassee, Florida is a juggernaut to say the least, going for their 3rd state title in 5 years. And it's players like LB, Rodney Gallon that will be key in getting them there.

From coaches to parents to teammates, I've heard Gallon called many things, most not good if you are the team that has to face him. Fierce, fast, aggressive, smart and physical, all have been appropriately applicable to this also-fiery standout linebacker.

Gallon's propensity for delivering the "big hit" is a trademark of his, but it's just one of the reasons schools like Florida State, Nebraska, Tennessee and Auburn have already extended offers.

This kid loves to hit.

So much so that even Rodney conceded that some of his teammates on certain plays actually ask him to not hit them like they owe him money. "Some do." Rodney said of players asking him to let up, if just a little. "Especially on the "ISOs", because that's my favorite play. It's just me and the fullback and he knows how I'm coming."

What's also coming is the attention that starting this last May was already intense. Schools from darn near coast to coast have been evaluating Gallon and by the impressive who's who list of those offering him, you know and Rodney knows that when his school year starts and those schools can call, his season of football isn't going to the only thing that's busy. "I know I'm going to be getting a lot of phone calls in September." Rodney said. "But, so far I am handling it pretty well and it hasn't gotten the best of me yet. I just want to focus on my senior season and making it count."

Just to bring up an aforementioned point, Lincoln high school puts out Division 1-A players like I can put away Pepsi and just so ya know, that's saying a lot. With that in mind, people are bound to speculate on one thing and that is if one teammate goes to a certain school, does that create a domino affect for any other player, some warming to the idea of them playing together at the next level. For Rodney, that's not really a consideration. "It doesn't matter to me." Rodney said of going where any of his teammates might go. "We all have our own destiny and one of my teammates might want to major in this and another something else and it's different from what I like."

"We all have to follow our hearts and that might be the same place, but it might not be. You just have to do what's best for you."

If you haven't read any of the previous updates on Gallon, you aren't aware of an unwritten agreement that he and his teammates made with their head coach. Basically putting it, no player would commit or divert themselves to the recruiting to the extent that it would take away not just from their own individual season, but the season for the team as a whole. That agreement makes Rodney's recruiting adventure a little easier, because he's not putting any pressure on himself to do anything anytime soon. "To tell you the truth, I haven't thought too much about anything." Rodney said of the recruiting process. "I don't know when I will take my visits or anything else."

You can hardly blame him considering where he is at, what's on the line and just about anything else, so you simply have to take into account his current list of favorites, one he stated is tentative at best because at this time, he's pretty wide-open. Along with the teams mentioned above, Gallon indicated that North Carolina has since offered him in writing, so they remain firmly on his list, but acknowledged that at this point, that list could change dramatically. "I know I will get phone calls and I am really not trying to think about it too much, but I'm sure some schools will be interesting to me and some might not as the year goes along." he said.

"I'm just trying not to let it take away from my season. That's what I really care about right now."

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