Roundtable: Nebraska Redshirt Freshman Class Rank

A look at Nebraska's redshirt freshman class.

Nebraska currently has 12 redshirt freshman on their roster under scholarship. 

Nebraska on Scout’s Josh Harvey, contributor Matt SvobodaAM 590 OSI’s Joe QuinnKLKN-TV’s Brett Edwards, and the Huskers Sports Network’s Ben McLaughlin rank the group’s top four.


1.) Khalil Davis, DT

To some people’s surprise it was Khalil not Carlos running with the first-team defensive line. If he holds on to the spot will be answered in the fall, but he will play no matter what.

2.) Carlos Davis, DT

The former Missouri prep will be in the Nebraska two-deep and should get plenty of opportunities. Consistency every play is the biggest thing holding the redshirt player back from being above average.

3.) Eric Lee, CB

He might have trouble hitting the field this year with Joshua Kalu and Chris Jones in front of him, but make no doubt about it – Eric Lee has all-conference potential one day.

4.) Avery Anderson, S

The former Colorado prep moved to safety during the spring and his game will likely benefit from it. He looked comfortable after 15 spring practices.


1a/1b.) Carlos and Khalil Davis, DT

Given Nebraska's lack of depth at DT, both Carlos and Khalil Davis are going to be counted on the make contributions early this season. Even if they don't rack up big time sack numbers, stopping the inside run will be crucial to Nebraska's defensive success. 

2.) Mohamed Barry, LB

Barry was around the football A LOT in the spring game, and seems to have made big gains over his redshirt season. If he can play with the same kind of consistency fellow class-mate Dedrick Young did in 2015, it'll be a huge boost for the LB corps. 

3.) Lavan Alston - WR

There was a ton of hype around Stanley Morgan last year, but Alston was in the same conversation prior to getting hurt. He may not get as many opportunities with a deep WR group, but be on the lookout for him this season.


1a/1b.) Carlose and Khalil Davis, DT

These two are going to have to step up right away as redshirt freshmen and play, lots of potential.

2.) Avery Anderson, CB

Had a good spring and could compete for playing time in the secondary this fall.

3. Mohammed Barry, LB

Heard his name a lot last fall, might have to wait for playing time with depth at linebacker.


1a/1b.) Carlos and Khalil Davis, DT

Neither one will likely start, but they will get their chances. They are a talented duo who will flash moments of brilliance and disruptiveness, much like Freedom in his freshman year.

2.) Eric Lee, CB

He is playing in a deep position with Joshua Kalu and Chris Jones having good experience. Lamar Jackson is also expected to get playing time as a true freshman. With that said, Lee is talented enough to work his way onto the field and make a difference in his freshman campaign.

3.) Alex Davis, DE

Someone has to emerge at the No. 3 defensive end for the Blackshirts. Davis has ideal size coming in at 6 foot 5, 260 pounds and good speed to come off the edge. I see his role gradually growing as the season continues. 


1.) Avery Anderson, S

I think the move to safety helped him. He will be more productive there. He is settled in nicely throughout the spring.

2.) Alex Davis, DE

A freak of an athlete, Husker fans can get used to hearing the name “Davis” on Nebraska’s defensive line for years to come.

3.) Carlos Davis, DT

We can all be glad Mike Riley and Mark Banker were able to keep the redshirt on him last season. He seemed like he was slightly ahead of brother Khalil in year number one.

4.) Khalil Davis, DT

The second part of the twin terrors. Ready or not, he will play.

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