New Jersey RB going for a record

Amongst some of the better east-coast running backs, you are likely to find the name of Ken Cattouse. Short in height, but long in ability and a stature that makes him half gazelle/ half bull. Honestly, he'll kill you either way. His team will be watched as it goes for another state title and because he's going to be a big part of that, Ken's going to be getting an awful lot of attention as well. Oh yeah, and he's going for an all-time rushing mark this year as well.

Records are made to be broken and Ken Cattouse is on his way to doing just that. Not even a thousand yards away from the New Jersey record of career rushing yards, Ken's total of over 2,200 yards on the ground makes that seem like a walk in the park. To him, it is and isn't. "I've got the ability." Ken said. "You have to stay focused though and my main focus is first on getting another championship."

You have to admire that kind of dedication to the team concept when such an illustrious individual record lies so close on the horizon, but as Ken stated, if he gets one, the other is probably going to be there. "If we win all of our games, I know I will have the record." he said. "I could probably get the record in my first 4 games."

The numbers Ken has put up are gaudy to say the least. They speak plenty for him and that's good, because it's the results Ken wants to be the message he sends, not anything he actually says. "I'm the quiet type out there." Ken said. "I let my actions do the talking and my work-ethic be the example I am trying to set as a leader. I give it all I got and I don't slack off in anything I do."

"That's the example I want to set."

As possibly the best running back Jersey has to offer this year, it's little surprise about the attention Ken has received thus far. You might be surprised that only one team has offered him in writing, but it's a time that appeared ready to offer Ken sometime ago. "Iowa has been following me since my Sophomore year." Cattouse said of the Hawkeyes. "So, that makes them my clear favorite right now."

With the potential Cattouse has for his final year, more offers are bound to come, but considering the kind of dedication Iowa has shown to him, one might wonder if any other offers would even matter. "Yeah, they matter." Ken said. "Iowa is definitely my leader right now, but that's because they are the one that has shown the most attention. If other schools jump in there during the season or whenever, I'll give them a look to. Iowa is my leader, but that doesn't mean I am going there."

Other schools that Ken says he has on his list are his childhood favorite, Ohio State, Boston College and Nebraska.

Ken says that he could end up taking visits during the season, but with a run for a consecutive state title in the future, you can guess where his priorities are right now. "I'll be thinking about it." Ken said of the recruiting process. "But, my team comes first. I want a state title and I'll figure out the rest later on."

Ken stated that he currently has a 2.7 GPA and is waiting to take his SAT.

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