D'Nerian Wrighter: You want it? He's got it.

Size? Check. Speed? Check. Athleticism? Check. Offers? Check. D'Nerian Wrighter seems to hit the mark in all the right areas and I almost forgot his stats. Over 100 reported tackles and 7 picks from the safety position? That's not just a check, but that's a huge CHECK this kid out. Everyone else is.

When you are looking for an ideal safety, figure he's around 6 foot tall, is physical and able to break off in pass coverage when able and above all, he's fundamentally sound. Some defenses are set so that it is the guys in the secondary that end up getting most of the tackles and amongst them, the safeties usually lead the pack. That's D'Nerian Wrighter and he's used to leading the pack. With his stats, who would doubt that?

And his versatility just makes him that much more of a weapon, D'Nerian not just Marlin High Schools best defensive threat, but out of the backfield, their best offensive threat as well. You can look up his name on just about any search engine you like and any stories that talk about games he was in is usually littered with him doing this, doing that and doing just about everything else.

Despite his ability to play either side with seemingly-equal adeptness, Wrighter does see himself as a defensive player at the next level and that suits him just fine. After all, what would you call anyone that says "Get a stretcher" when he knows he has a wide-open shot on you?

Yeah, me to.

Fury, passion, unbridled-anger and a propensity for wanting to hurt anyone with the ball, all that and his athletic prowess make Wrighter ideal for the safety position. Factor in what must be some very good hips and an ability to read offenses, that of course based on his gaudy stats, D'Nerian could be a dream come true.

Now, the question is, for who?

With pretty much any Texas high school player, the obligatory team to beat for any of them is Texas. Call D'Nerian a break from the norm on that one. In fact, he has as one of his favorite teams probably the most-hated enemy of the Horns, that being the Oklahoma Sooners. "There's not much you can't like about them." Wrighter said. "They have it all."

While Wrighter is certainly warm to OU, the fact that the Sooners haven't offered the Texas standout is a definite consideration, making everyone else legit candidates in Wrighter's eyes. "I am looking just about everywhere, but I know I would like to stay in the Big XII." he said. "My mom would like me to stay close and if I play in the Big XII, I know that almost no matter where I go, she'll be able to see me play."

Proximity aside though, that hasn't stopped D'Nerian from stating teams that he said he knows he's visiting, one way or another. "I know I am going to visit Notre Dame, Florida, Oklahoma and Arkansas." he said. "I know I am visiting there."

And, if those are officials, is there another team that pops to mind? "I followed Nebraska when Tommie Frazier was there, so I might take a trip up there, but I'm not sure right now." Wrighter stated.

What about the decision and when? "I want that to be a surprise for my mother, so right now, I can't say when I am going to make that decision." D'Nerian said.

Yes, I know. You are asking it. Where does his mom want him to go? "Close." Wrighter stated. "Just somewhere that isn't too far away, but it doesn't have to be in-state."

Initially, it looks like schools in the Big XII might have an early step for Wrighter if only to hit the "mom factor", but with other schools like Arkansas not terribly far away either, it's not a shoe in that the conference would get him. So, it's wait and see.

Ok, so...wait and see.

Steve Ryan can be reached at huskerconnection@neb.rr.com or 402-730-5619

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