Thursday Practice Report

As Nebraska gets ready for it's first major scrimmage this Saturday, the every other day single-session practices continue in between the rigorous two-a-day scheduled. Today was one practice, but after the extremely long practices the week prior and the two-a-days thus far this week, you can bet that energy is waning. This is the time where they find out who's made of what.

"They are beat down pretty good." Frank Solich said of the Huskers. "We've kept at them pretty hard and we didn't have them do any running after practice."

Though fatigue has become an ever-increasing factor, today was a time to find out how tough the teams were in perhaps the toughest of situations, goal-line situations. "We had 4 live goal-line plays right at the end of practice where each team, 1s, 2s and 3s all got 4 snaps." Solich stated. "That seemed to pick them up quite a bit. There was a lot of energy for that."

"There was some very good work there. I think both sides showed some things in that short contact work and that defense can run. I do believe we have a defense that can run and it showed there on the goal-line a little bit and offensively, we are getting better up-front."

While optimism all over seems to be picking up, there was a development that has certainly put a bit of a damper on at least some of the progress. Reports were pervasive about true freshman, Ryan Schuler being in the hospital for problems with blood clots. This isn't a new issue for Schuler, but the development would obviously be disappointing for all involved.

While this story has been confirmed back and forth by various news services however, coach Solich wasn't willing to commit to anything on any particulars to the event. "I will be able to do that probably in not to long a period of time." Solich said of addressing the Schuler situation. "I want to make sure we have everything very accurate and there are some things we will get taken care of here in a short period of time and we'll try to update you on that."

What the head coach was willing to say was that Schuler has been out of practice for approximately the last 4 or so days, but again, wouldn't go into any particulars, even conceding that Schuler was indeed in the hospital. "I don't want to really get into much detail on it." Solich stated. "But, we'll know a great deal more in not to long a period of time."

While the specifics of the Schuler situation is unclear, the correlation that will no doubt be made to Tommie Frazier is inevitable. Frazier's blood-clot problems effectively ended his football career and at times, interrupted his career at Nebraska, most notably through the ‘94 season when Brook Berringer took over Frazier's duties during the season, Frazier not returning until the Orange Bowl where he helped lead the Huskers to Osborne's first national title as head coach.

In other news, Jason Lohr did not practice, but was able to do "some" running and his back has reportedly "loosened up", prompting some expectations that he will be back practicing next week at the latest.

The scrimmage scheduled for this weekend will take place at 2:30 p.m. and will be the first major scrimmage of the year. Consistent with the entire year thus far, the scrimmage is closed, only a small portion of media allowed to attend.

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