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Nebraska Related Questions For The Experts (7-28-16)'s Director of Scouting Brandon Huffman answers questions about Nebraska's recruiting efforts in the 2017 class.

Each week we will ask one of our national recruiting analysts to answer Nebraska fan' questions. We will start a thread early in the week, have a cut-off time, and then submit the four to five best questions to the expert. 

This week our featured guest is Brandon Huffman,'s Director of Scouting. Huffman lives on the West Coast, so much of conversation centered around the region. 

Early in the process it looked like Nebraska might have a shot at five-star Darnay Holmes and four-star talent Tyjon Lindsey. While they still likely do, it doesn’t appear they are leading for the two. So what West Coast prospect does Nebraska have the best chance of landing in the ’17 class?

“I think they have a great shot at landing Jamire Calvin. I think they have a very, very, very good shot at Joseph Lewis. In fact, I would be less surprised if Joseph Lewis picked Nebraska than I would if any of the other highly ranked guys did. I don’t think Darnay Holmes is going to leave the West Coast. I don’t think Tyjon Lindsey is going to go there, I still think it’s Ohio State for him, but I do think Nebraska is in the top two or three. I think Nebraska has a real shot at Joseph Lewis and that could trigger more guys down the line at Hawkins – with a guy like Jalen Hall....



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