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Nebraska Completes First Week Of Practice

Nebraska defesnive coordinator Mark Banker talked with reporters after practice on Thursday.

The Nebraska football team wrapped up their first week of practice on Thursday, practicing for just over two hours between the the practice field and indoor practice facility. 

"From practice to practice we've done a lot of instillation and [the defensive line has] listened in the meeting and they've gone out - in the walk-throughs - [and completed] their assignments pretty good," Nebraska defensive coordinator Banker said. "[As for the pass rushing,] one on ones have been okay. I think [Joshua Kalu] brought some concepts and technique and they're working them. Yesterday in our third down team period... [Ross] Dzuris had a nice up and under move, somebody later on had a nice [play] so it's coming [along]."

Banker also gave credit to individual players for their hard work so far, including junior linebacker Marcus Newby.

"Marcus [Newby] has done a great job as an athlete of the game - to listen and take the coaching," Banker said. "He's just evolved. The mistakes are being minimized. He understands the game a lot better. Maybe it's the simplicity of what we're doing, as far as how we try to stack principles and concepts on one another, but he's worked hard to get himself in the position [he's in] right now as a linebacker."


* Safety Antonio Reed isn't quite up to speed when it comes to a conditioning factor according to Banker. His reactions just aren't there, but the offseason surgery in the spring is to blame. "Little by little he's coming back," said Banker. The plan was never for Reed to play that much against UCLA, but was thrown into the fire because of Gerry. 

* One defensive back said the defense got the best of the offense again today. Banker heard this. "I think he should shut up and not say anything," said Banker. "Don't believe it. If you put it in your mouth you will taste it. If you swallow it, you will probably die from it. Maybe you had a good day. I don't know, but I'm glad I was told."

Michael Rose-Ivey should be fine according to Banker. Sounds like he's day-to-day. Charles Jackson has a sprain knee. He will be fine. 

* Banker said his guys are getting off the foot a lot better and they are seeing fewer and fewer instances upfront of "flat" feet. 

* Nebraska will go live on Saturday. 

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