Monday Practice Report

Following the first major scrimmage and practice amidst some intense heat, the Huskers were again greeted with heat-indexes in the 100s. Well, that is until the raging thunderstorm pulled into Lincoln forcing the Huskers inside Cook Pavillion, where they finished their second session of this double-dipper on Monday.

Turner Gill addressed the media today, substituting for an absent Frank Solich from inside Cook Pavillion, this forced by inclement weather that moved into the capital city about midway through practice. "We came inside about halfway through the practice," Assistant Head Coach Turner Gill said. "There were some lightning strikes nearby and as the storm moved into the area we moved inside for the safety of our players and coaches."

The long practices have taken their toll on the Huskers, but such is expected this close to the season and this far into practices heading up to the season-opener. Physical duress is part of the game. "The guys are a little bit tired, their legs are tired, but we knew that would be the case," Gill said. "Mentally, they are in good shape, and they are working hard and that's all we can ask."

"They will get their legs back soon, so all we can ask is that they stay focused and work through it right now."

This week will be the last week of two-a-days, Friday marking the last of the double-doses. Thursday, Nebraska is scheduled to have their next and what should be their last major scrimmage of the off-season.

Other Notes:

  • Trevor Johnson did not practice today and it's uncertain when he will return, but is expected to be back for the Oklahoma State game. Whether he will be starting or not, that's still undetermined.

  • LeKevin Smith practiced in both sessions on Monday

  • Jermaine Leslie continues to sit out as does Jason Lohr

  • The final depth chart is supposed to be released at the beginning of next week. Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line coach, Barney Cotton stated that on this new depth chart, there would be "no co-starters" as you usually see indicated with the word "OR".

  • Jemayel Phillips, Brandon Koch and Jake Andersen are all presently listed as co-starters at this time at the right guard position

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