Top 5 DB, Marcus Walker - ready for the best

Ranked amongst the top five cornerbacks in the country, offered by just about everyone and their dog and touted as only an elite Texas high school football player can be. That's Marcus Walker. He's certainly hyped, but while everyone is singing his praises, he's staying "real" as they say and thinking about making himself better.

I've talked to a lot of stud-CB prospects and with each of them, I bring up wide receivers at various levels that are of some acclaim. Receivers considered to be amongst the best at what they do and how they do it. The reason being of course, I want to find out what technique they would use against this or that premier wideout.

Enter, Roy Williams.

The Texas God-like receiver who is an almost sure-fire top five draft pick. Big, fast, physical and simply one of the best in the country at the collegiate level. For a guy that hasn't quite hit 6 feet yet, this would seem a daunting task, but eventually, they have to face guys like this, so what if they had to face them now?

First thing is first though. As I said, I ask this question of almost every DB I talk to and most of the time, I get responses that would indicate Roy isn't all that special. ‘I could cover him. I'd just lock him up and not let him play his game' or ‘I'd go out there and be physical with him and shut him down at the line before he gets started'.

Yep, and I am sure no CB that has ever faced the Longhorn nightmare has ever said that or planned or at least had a dream that they could do that to. They get eaten alive just like everyone else.

So, what's the take of one of this year's best CB recruits in the country? "You aren't going to stop Roy Williams." Marcus said. "He's going to get his balls. You just have to contain him, limit what he does catch to where he catches it and play your game."

Now that's refreshing, isn't it? A young man that has as much ability as Marcus does, but still sees reality and what reality is, is that when you face a guy like a Roy Williams, Rashaun Woods, Reggie Williams or whoever, you have to be honest about what you can and can't do. "I'm never going to let any player take me out of what I do best." Walker stated. "I would try and be physical with him and try to get him out of his game, but you know I am going to have help inside or over the top or it's going to be a long day."

"Guys like that, you can't lock down one-on-one all game long. They are going to get theirs, so you have to be smart, because you start thinking you got him and that's when they get the big play on you."

That kind of maturity in the face of such ability is rare and no doubt just another bit of icing on the cake that makes teams drool at the prospect of having him on their team. That ability though hasn't made Walker think that this year is a year where he can cement his greatness, rather it's more time to do more work and get better than he is already. "This is my third year with the varsity." Marcus said. "It's not just about what you do, but what you are showing your teammates."

"I'm going to go out there this year and try to do everything better than I did before, but try and be a leader on the team to."

Ok, enough of that. If you aren't sold on this kid, something is wrong with you and if you don't want this young man as a part of your team, you should have stopped sniffing glue years ago.

Who does he like, when is he taking visits and when is he going to make a decision?

As to who he likes, you need only click on the profile link of Marcus Walker to find that out. In addition to those though, you can throw on Georgia Tech. You can also probably take Texas right off of that list in your mind, because Marcus didn't seem all that thrilled with the idea of even going there to visit. "I'm not visiting Texas." he said. "Not a chance am I going there."

I left the urge to delve farther into that on the back burner, because this is about who he likes and now that you know that, when is he taking his visits? "After my season." he said. Ok, now how about a decision? We going to get one after the visits or signing day? "I'll make my decision after my visits, but I can't say I will take all my visits."

Not wanting to rule out the gut feeling on any one particular visit, Marcus was looking at a long road ahead however in when he's going to make that final choice. He's eager to get to college, but that's a season away and a shot at a state title for his team. "There's going to be a lot of time to think about schools. I'm just taking my time."

Steve Ryan can be reached at or 402-730-5619

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