Top 3 Safety talks recruiting

Recruiting is bound to change as time goes along. Depending on how many offers you have, it could change that much more. For Kyle Jackson, he may have thought before all this recruiting stuff started, he might not have his pick of the litter as they say, but now that he does, his options are many, thus the changes each week could be as well. We talked to him about any changes that might have taken place since the last time we talked to him.

It's not the hits that keep on coming, but the offers that are continuing to come for one of Florida's best defensive players, Kyle Jackson. Since May though, Kyle has had a chance to get used to the attention and though he's not terribly excited for when the time comes that every school can call, he's ready, but hopes it won't be too much. "I kind of wanted to get my list narrowed down some before that time." Kyle said. "I know most are still going to call, but if I have a shorter list, maybe it won't be so bad."

That's a luxury Jackson has in that he's actually trying to limit the attention he gets while some wish they got just a tenth of that, but when you are going for records like 11n picks in a year with a realistic expectation of getting that record, it kind of speaks for itself.

I asked Kyle if he could tell me what his list looks right now. "I haven't really made one up yet." he said. "Right now, I would say I am open to any schools."

I know that these quotes don't mesh with some other updates you read, but it only illustrates two things very well. Each update is wide-open to interpretation and a young man still in his teens with another year of high school to go, well, one minute to the next you really don't know what's going to happen.

But, that's how it should be.

When we start expecting men this young, regardless of how seemingly mature they might be, that's when you end up getting burned by a foolish notion that, that actually works. It doesn't, so what you see one day might not be what you see or read the next.

One thing Kyle can say with some certainty is that he's not ready to just jump right into this official visits, even though he can take them once school starts. "I'm really thinking of waiting either until towards the end of my season or after it's done." Kyle said.

As for the list of Kyle Jackson, you can see that it's actually gotten a bit bigger since last we talked around a month ago. That's a response to the increased attention of course and Kyle isn't quite ready to weed anyone out. "I'll let it take as long as it needs to." he said. "I don't want to just say I'm not interested in any one team right now, because it's too early. Next week, I could feel different, so a lot of teams are still in there."

Kyle goes into his senior season ranked number 3 on the Insiders' top safeties in the country.

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