A name to remember, Marcus Platt

While you are considering some of the names you've continued to hear since even last year, check out a name you might not be all that familiar with. Marcus Platt, a versatile two-way star for Venice high school in Florida, Platt is no doubt their go-to guy and his offers are slim, but the teams that have offered him are nothing to sneeze at to be sure. Based on those offers alone, Platt could be one of those gems, joining many others coming out of the Sunshine State this year.

Platt rushed for apprx. 1,000 yards last year. He also added over 200 yards receiving. He also tallied almost 19 yards every time he touched the ball on kickoff returns. Marcus scored a total of 17 touchdowns as well.

In short, for Venice, he's their top rusher, top receiver, top returner and top scorer.

He's also looking to lead in another aspect as well. "It's my last year, so I want to be a leader for my teammates, not just in stats." Marcus said. "Nobody wants their season year to mean nothing and I want to leave something when I'm gone. I want to make the team better now, but better after I leave to."

Marcus is a mild-mannered young man that at least off the field, doesn't get all stirred up over things he can't control. The recruiting attention being one of them. Now, you can't minimize the importance of the two offers he has, one being from the Clemson Tigers and the other being from Nebraska, but he looks at his current situation as a good time, one he plans to enjoy. "I know that I can go to a good school if I go to either one of those places." Marcus said. "So, I just want to keep my options open now and just see how things go."

Marcus is looking at Florida and South Florida as well.

For this season, Marcus is looking not only at bettering himself as a leader, but overall as an athlete, Platt looking to make a larger statement than he has on both sides of the ball. "I think I will probably play offense in college, which is what I like, but I want to play more defense this year and just do as well as I can there." he said. "Anything I can do anyway to help my team, whatever gets it done is what I want to do."

Marcus hasn't totally made his mind up about his visits, but logically, you could assume that Clemson and Nebraska are notched in there as the most probable. After that, Marcus is taking it all in stride. "I'm not sure about what I want to do." he said. "Trying to think about the season I have to go, it's hard to really want to think about recruiting. I will, but I guess I don't really want to let it take too much away from my team, because that's what matters right now."

"I might take my visits in September or October, but right now, who knows."

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