Nebraska WR Jordan Westerkamp Joins BTN Live On Wednedsay

Nebraska wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp joined BTN Live on Wednesday.


On what it’s like to be a captain
“It’s great. It is an unbelievable honor, super-humbling, it’s awesome to see that my teammates think so highly of me, and I’m going to wear the jersey proud and do everything I can to act as captain-like as I can and just be a complete leader as much as possible.”

On what he has seen out of junior wide receiver Gabe Rahn the past two years
“He has grown so much since he has been here and he’s a really good player. Anybody here that comes to practice, they see it. He plays day in and day out and he gets after it. I say it all the time, we’ve got so much depth at receiver from top to bottom and some guys people may not know of as much, a guy like Gabe. But he comes in and he works his tail off every single day. He is out there performing, and it’s great to see that out of him.

On how he sees the walk-ons progress and if they have a great work ethic
“It’s definitely a motivator. Like you said, personally I go into practice and say ‘hey, I am the worst guy here and I've got to prove every single day that I am the best.’ And that’s the mentality to have. Those guys come in with a chip on their shoulder and they work so hard and that is why they’ve gotten to where they are now. Brandon [Reilly] is a starter, he is going to be a huge player for us this year. He was last year, and it is awesome to see that. They come in and work that hard, it brings the whole room up to another level, and we just vibe off of them and continue to work.”

On who he thinks is going to step up and fill the holes at receiver against Fresno State
“Zo [Alonzo Moore] should be fine. But like I said, our room is so, so deep and we’ve got so many playmakers. De’Mornay [Pierson-El] will be out there, he’s pretty healthy and he will be making plays. There are so many guys. Alonzo [Moore], he’ll be fine. Top to bottom, we should be completely fine in that regard.”

On if the defense he has been going up against in practice has improved
“Definitely. I would say a guy to look out for is Chris Jones. He’s a great player for us on defense. And obviously Nate [Gerry]. Our defense, it’s been great to go against them all fall camp and it’s going to be nice to go against somebody else finally this first game here. They’ve done a great job. There’s been times where they’ve kicked our butts pretty good and vice versa, so it is great to go against them and compete. They kind of know what we run and what we do and whatnot, which makes it really hard for us, but it’s good work for both sides of the ball.”

On what freshman defensive back Lamar Jackson has shown in practice
“He’s going to be a good player. I personally haven’t had as much reps against him, but he looks the part. You see he is as tall as can be, he’s really lanky and he’s been doing a great job making plays. So it’ll be great to see him out there and see what he can do under some live action in a real-time game.”

On if he has been picking wide receiver Keyan Williams’ brain for intel on Fresno State
“It’s funny, yesterday I asked him ‘have any of your friends texted you or whatnot?’ I’ve just been talking to him about it, but I will continue to do so just to get some inside intel from that from Keyan. It’ll be a fun week. We’ve played these guys in the past, two years ago we went there. They’re always a good team. They’re always extreme competitors and from a defense point of view they are fast. They are athletic guys and we've got to just do what we do and prepare and we should be all right.”

On how big of an impact Coach Keith Williams will have when he comes back
“We all know Coach Williams is super energetic and a great motivator for us, and it’s going to be huge getting him back Thursday. I’m sure that’s going to jolt our room and probably the whole team as well.”

On if things feel different since this year is his last go-around
“It’s crazy how fast everything has gone. Looking back in 2012 when I was first getting here seems about 30 years ago. But it’s been an awesome, crazy ride. A lot of ups and downs, more ups than downs. Before I know it, it will be over. With this season, this will be the last first game. I’ll be doing that a lot with games and practices and whatnot, so it’ll be a kind of bittersweet moment at Senior Day and the last day, but I’m just going to try to live in the moment and enjoy it as much as possible.”

On if one of his goals is achieving a 1,000-yard season
“I’ve thought about it obviously. I’ve never been a 1,000-yard receiver here and that would be awesome to be the first, but obviously that’s not my focus. My focus is our team as a whole and whatever I've got to do to help us win, if that is to get 1,000 yards or that is to get 500 yards, or whatever it might be, whatever my role is to help us win, that is what I want to do.”

On his thoughts about senior offensive lineman Dylan Utter rising to be a team captain
“Utter is just one of those guys that comes in and works his tail off every single day. He’s a vocal leader on the field as well, and he’s done a great job with the offensive line just holding them together and leading them throughout camp and everyone sees it and everyone looks up to Dyl [Dylan]. He’s just a crazy, hard-working guy and we love being around him, and he definitely has an awesome vibe to himself and it gets us going. It gets me personally going whenever I’m talking to him, so it is awesome to see him.”

On how he would describe Dylan Utter’s demeanor
“Like you said, tough. He is intimidating whenever you’re talking to him. He always gets his job done and he’s a guy that you just love going to war with because you know he’s going to go out there and give it his all. He’ll go out there and he’ll die on the field for you if he has to. So it’s awesome knowing that and going out there with a guy like that.”

On if he has had contact with former Husker wide receiver Kenny Bell, who sang his praises during the offseason
“I love Kenny. He’s doing his thing right now on the Bucs, and it’s great to see that. I have talked to him before about it and he’s obviously like ‘hey, you’re going to go out this season’ and we talk here and there. I’m sure he would give me a call and that would be interesting to see just how the season goes and how it all plays out. But again, those records and whatnot, not my main focus.”

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