Another Buford standout, DT, Neil Brown

When you think of Buford high school in Georgia this year, one name probably comes to mind. Yeah, Darius Walker. And, why not? He's one of the most highly touted backs in the country, so of course he's going to get the pub. Buford though isn't without it's other stars, some getting a lot of pub as well. Amongst this prep group that will be getting attention aside from the running back sensation will be Defensive Tackle, Neil Brown.

There's always a variety of great players that come out of the state of Georgia. Though the likes of Herschel Walker, Jabari Davis, Derrick Tinsley and so on make you think there's more great running backs than anything, they've had their share of standouts at other positions as well. This year, Neil Brown is going to try and find his way amongst that list and based on his 120+ tackles from the defensive tackle position last year, he should have some momentum to carry into his final year of high school.

First, analyze that for a second. 124 tackles. And, he's a defensive tackle. Those are the kind of stats you hear safeties or possibly outside linebackers getting, but never someone on the defensive interior. If you are going to do that from the trenches, you better have it in every phase of the game. Neil thinks he does. "I can switch up what I am doing pretty easily." he said. "Up the field or side-to-side, I think I have the game to do most anything I want."

What Neil wants right now more than anything is to get back to being the Neil Brown of old. You see, Neil already has a number of offers, but had it not been for an A.C. Joint injury, Neil's name could be up there with his teammate, Darius Walker in regards to offers from just about any and every team out there.

Neil stated that, that is behind him and this year, it's just a matter of getting his strength back and getting his game back on track. "I want to get my bench back up, so I can stay in there and battle hard and after that, I think I will be in a pretty good position to do better than I did the year before." he said.

What Neil did before, not to mention his raw physical ability is enough that he's sporting a reported 12 offers right now. Arkansas, Duke, Louisvill, BYU, Indiana and Nebraska amongst those showing the most interest right now.

You can slot all those teams in as those he's interested in, but throw in Auburn, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Colorado and Florida to boot as some of the teams he considers ideal.

Also and this is a ‘in case you didn't know', don't worry about this southern boy being afraid of northern weather, not just by the list of some of the teams he likes, but by the fact that he's originally from Colorado. That means, he actually swings the other way when it comes to playing in the chilly winter air. "Yeah, I like playing in cold weather." Neil said. "When I hit someone, it hurts them more than it does me when it's really cold."

Neil said of the teams he's looking at, the five mentioned before, that being Auburn, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Colorado and Florida are those he's thinking of taking officials to, at this time. Offers will dictate much of that, but he also added that he would like to still take one more unofficial, that to Nebraska.

The unofficial would come early, but as for the rest, Neil isn't quite certain when they will take place, again, offers really dictating what he does and when he's likely to do it. Brown did say that his visits would probably come later, but he's also thinking of his future which could make an impact on when he ultimately decides. "I would like to wait, but you never know what can happen during a season." Brown stated. "I don't do anything now, I get injured again and that's it for me, so I'm not real sure what I am going to do right now."

Oh yeah, there is a slight and I do mean slight chance that something or rather, someone else could affect Neil's decision. It would seem that he and Darius Walker have been talking rather nonchalantly about what it would be like to go to the same school. Granted though, even Brown admits it's just friends talking about ‘what ifs'. "Darius and I have talked about it and how it would be kind of cool if that were to happen, but it's just something you talk about." Neil said. "Don't know if that's how it will turn out, but it's just one of those things you think about sometimes."

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