Kansas RB talks recruiting

Kansas is a state that has been known more for it's JUCO talent than it is for it's bevy of prep-stars from border to border. That being said, you still hear about a star here and there, from time to time. This year, it's a good harvest for those recruiting in Kansas as 3 players are ranked amongst the top 15 in the country at their positions by the Insiders and there's a ton of others knocking on the door. One of those knocking pretty darn hard is RB, Odell Bell.

Playing almost the entire season last year with an ankle injury, Odell Bell still managed close to 1,000 yards on the ground. Now that he's 100%, he's looking to not better that amount, but the yardage mark he set during his sophomore year when he put up over 1,400 yards. If he can get there, he's ready to go just a little farther. "If I can get past that mark, I want to get the record down here which is around 1,700 yards." Odell said. "But, I want to just see how it goes and if it gets late in the season and I am right there, just go with it and take over."

Odell last year and the year before that got his yardage the way you would guess someone 5'10" and around 180 lbs. might. Fast, elusive, side-to-side, looking to make the move before he's looking for contact. This year though, Odell wants to not switch it up, but as he says, "give them a different look", Odell always looking to broaden his game. "I'm a little bigger now than I used to be." Bell stated. "So, I want to be able to use that and if I have a guy in front of me and my moves aren't working, I'll just put my shoulder down and run him over."

"They (the opponents) are all expecting one thing, so this year, I want to give them everything so they can't plan on how to slow me down."

With the success of his sophomore year and the potential of his last year in high school, Odell has already gotten offers from the two local powers, Kansas and Kansas State. Bell also said that he's hearing from most of those Big XII schools in close proximity of Kansas. "Oklahoma State sends me a lot of mail and Missouri does to." Odell said. "I get some from Nebraska, Colorado and a few others around this area."

The attention is enough that Odell is taking the approach this year that right now, he's not really looking at anyone, rather, he's going to see who's looking at him and take his time to see if anyone else jumps on the Odell Bell bandwagon. "I'm not in any hurry." he said. "No reason to be, so I'm going to play my season, do the best that I can and see if any other offers come."

"After I think that's it, I'll figure out the visits and all that. It's not a huge important thing though right now. I got plenty of time."

Indeed he does and his sense of urgency only lies really in what he can control. Will it be 1,700 yards or more? If he does, the Odell Bell bandwagon will be in full force by the end of his final season of high school football.

Steve Ryan can be reached at huskerconnection@neb.rr.com or 4025-730-5619

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