So Far So Good For Nebraska QB Tommy Armstrong

Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong only has one interception, but has found the end zone a total eleven times through the air and on the ground.


On his process of recuperating after a tough game
“Honestly I just have to rest. Sunday morning I woke up and I was kind of sore. Definitely going through cramps and stuff like that, your muscles start to spasm up on you a lot and then you get to that stage when it is real sore. Kind of like working out too much and then having your legs or your arms real sore the next day. I am actually just now getting over my legs being less sore than they were a day or two ago. I am looking forward to this week, doing as much as I can, ice tubbing and just making sure I contrast as much as I can. Definitely with Mark [Philipp] and those guys taking care of me, definitely when it comes to treating my legs the right way, having to stay off.”

On what it takes to win a lot of games in the Big Ten
“Just keep doing what we are doing. Take care of the ball, win the turnover margin, putting our defense in the right position to succeed and them doing the same thing for us. Just getting stops when we need them and just looking out for each other. We have just got to treat every week like a big week and keep moving forward. Keep improving, definitely the offensive line and defensive line. Everything plays a part, but we've just got to make sure that we just keep doing what we are doing. Every game counts, but now that we are in conference it is just more of a ‘win or go home’ situation for us. But in this situation, definitely in conference, we just got to make sure we take each week like it is our last, and make sure we play hard every week.”

On if the defenses in the Big Ten are better and more physical
“More physical. Honestly, if you have watched games, the Big Ten has beat pretty much everybody. Like I said before, it is going to be a tough road ahead. Non-conference games really don’t matter anymore. You go into the season now definitely in the conference mode, 0-0. You start off fresh. Yeah, we have won three games, but now the games that actually matter the most are actually here. Like I said before, we have to treat every game as a big game, and we have got to move a week at a time, a day at a time and improve.”

On what it might be like going on the road for the first time with so many Nebraska fans in the crowd
“It is a huge lift for us, but we have got to be prepared for anything. Definitely those guys not starting the season off as well as they wanted to. Like I said before, you start off conference 0-0 and those guys want to prove that they are a great team. We believe they are a good team. We have just got to make sure that we prepare as much as we can for anything. We are looking forward to our fans being a support system for us going into our first away game and playing on grass for the first time this year. Just being able to go out there and do what we do best, and that is just to prepare as much as we can and come out with a win.”

On how Northwestern always plays Nebraska closely and what they do well
“They are smart kids. They are coachable. They've got a lot of smart linebackers that identify a lot of things based off of our offense, what we do well and how we run things. We have just got to make sure that we do our thing and we execute on all segments of our game, definitely on offense for us. We have just got to take advantage every time we get the ball. Like I said before, we just have got to make sure we take care of the ball and make sure that we do that well and I think that we will come out with a win. We have just got to make sure we take care of the ball and put us in the right situation to win the game.”

On what Northwestern’s All-American linebacker Anthony Walker Jr. does so well
“He just gets a good push up front. He just puts a lot of stress on the offensive line. We have just got to make sure that we are able to just get a lot of time and moving the chains, getting those guys tired. Obviously, that is kind of what we did for Oregon. Those guys were great. They ran to the ball. They were fast. They were physical, and we just wore them down eventually. We just have got to make sure we do the same thing on offense. When we are out there on the field we have just got to make sure that we gradually keep wearing those guys down, and a good guy like himself [Walker] we have just got to make sure that we keep our offense on the field and wear down as best as we can. Turn four or five-yard runs into a seven or eight-yard gains and find ourselves in a situation where we are moving the chains a lot easier than we thought we would.”

On how he has seen sophomore wide receiver Bryan Reimers progress and contribute
“He has been doing a great job. I call him ‘Reim-Dog’. Some people call him ‘Odell Reim’. He has been making great catches. I have been saying that for the last year or so. He is a great kid. He buys into the system. Those guys believe in him and before he ever stepped foot out there on the field, I knew as soon as he got out there he was going to make a play if we threw the ball to him. He went up with a catch and he was in the end zone and it was a great thing for him. I think it was his first catch for a touchdown, so I am proud of him. He has worked his tail off to get out there and make a play like that. We knew from the beginning of this season that if he had a chance, he would go out there and make plays. That is one of the great many plays that you will see out of him.”

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