Nebraska WR Jordan Westerkamp Set To Play Final Game In Windy City

Nebraska receiver Jordan Westerkamp will play for the last time in his home city on Saturday in a Husker uniform.

Nebraska senior receiver Jordan Westerkamp will play for the final time in Chicago on Saturday - his native city. Westerkamp, who still holds the Illinois state record for receiving yards and receptions in the state of Illinois, has quite a bit of history against Northwestern.

The senior expects 100+ friends and family in attendance on Saturday. Hopefully he can give them something as exciting as this? 

On how well the team has to play in the Big Ten

“You have to play extremely well. I think any given day, any Big Ten team can beat any other Big Ten team. That is kind of how it has been for the past couple years since I have been here. Just seeing that, it is a real smash-mouth conference and a tough conference, but I am fairly confident that if we continue to do what we do and prepare our tails off like we did last week for Oregon, we should have no issue going forward and just keep working as hard as we can.”

On if Northwestern is a good example of how any Big Ten can beat another
“Definitely. That is how I feel about every Big Ten team. I honestly feel like any given day one team could beat another. Rankings don’t matter or any of that, especially being so familiar with each other and whatnot.”

On what this week means to him going into his last college football trip to Chicago
“I will probably have over a hundred family members and friends there at the game. I am looking forward to it. It is home to me, so I get to go back and enjoy that. Hopefully we get some deep-dish pizza after the game. I am really looking forward to it. Like I said, it’s my last game back in Illinois here against Northwestern. We have a lot of history with Northwestern’s program and Coach Fitzgerald, so I am really looking forward to it.”

On what it is like to move on from a big win like the Oregon game and continue to prepare
“I wouldn’t look at is as hard to move past. I would just look at it like they take their momentum and keep moving forward with it. Obviously we beat a real good team there in Oregon, and they were ranked and it kind of threw us up forward there in the rankings as well. So we've just got to continue to take that momentum and just keep moving forward with it into Big Ten play.”

On if he remembers anything about Ryan Field
“I don’t want to say anything bad about their stadium, I mean I don’t really remember too well. It was two years ago. I have taken a lot of hits, so those little things are hard to remember sometimes. It is grass, so we go from turf to grass. It is different, but we will be able to practice. We have a grass field here, so we will be able to practice and get used to that this week.”

On the struggles the offense has had in the past against Northwestern
“Northwestern’s defense, they are super-fast and athletic guys, especially the linebacker corps. I remember just super-athletic guys. But I know that we will get our game plan here tomorrow, and we will look at the film and we should be OK. We have just got to keep preparing like we have these last couple of weeks.”

On his thoughts on Northwestern having a rough start to the season
“I was surprised to see that. Obviously they were two teams that they probably should have beat. I know Coach Fitz is getting them ready this week against us.”

On how often people still talk about his Hail Mary catch from his freshman year
“It pops up here and there, but I try not to pay attention to that stuff.”

On his thoughts on the alternate uniforms the team will be wearing on Saturday
“We are excited. In my opinion I think they are the coolest ones we have got so far since I have been here, so I am really looking forward to wearing those.”

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