Having fun at Photo Day

It was Photo Day at the University of Nebraska. It was also one hot mutha. Hot enough that it changed things up as players were underneath the stadium as opposed to out on the field like the year before. Well, they changed things up and so are we as we take a humorous (sometimes, but barely) recap of this year's day with the Huskers.

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Solich weathers the sun
while greeting fans on
Photo Day. And he's
the head coach. It's all
about sacrifices, eh?

Coach Bo Pelini is either asking the woman what she wants written on the article or he's sizing her up for a fast and painless death. You make the call!

Asst. Head Coach & QB coach, Turner Gill smiles big for the camera.

AustinGreens.jpg - 38000 Bytes BrothersDychess.jpg - 40846 Bytes ByfordDychess.jpg - 48615 Bytes

Tierre Green and Greg Austin sit waiting to put their autographs on all
things Husker. Or, you could say this is a before and after shot,
Tierre Green before the training table in the back and Tierre Green now. Ok, maybe not.

Kicker, David Dyches and CB, Titus Brothers sit in the shade of Memorial as they make hundreds of kids happy. Ok, there were 6, but hey, it's quality, not quantity that counts.

OL, Brett Byford smiles big for the camera. Brett is wearing a hat only because the upper classmen don't know how to cut hair.

CoreyMcKeons.jpg - 31266 Bytes DarrenDeLones.jpg - 37650 Bytes DonaldDefrands.jpg - 34209 Bytes

LB, Corey McKeon drifts off into deep thought about his future as a Husker and what's for supper at the training table.

Darren DeLone signs autographs and laughs silently to himself, as he just ATE the training table

Donald DeFrand, sporting the "Nappy Dreads", puts his Hancock to some NU memorabilia. Nappy Dreads happens to be a favorite band of his out of Florida that he liked enough to put them on his answering machine down at Dodge City Community College.

JammalLords.jpg - 35096 Bytes JBPhillipss.jpg - 41507 Bytes JoshMuellers.jpg - 37483 Bytes

This is Jammal Lord and yes, he's smiling. He's practicing for all those post-game press briefings where he talks about yet more records broken. Ok, that's what you hope will happen anyway, eh?

Now, there goes a lucky fan, the recipient of an autograph from J.B. Phillips. This guy already has the size to play right now.

Josh Mueller was last seen surfing the Platte River. Actually, he was digging himself out of a sand bar as that is all the Platte consists of any more, but why nit-pick?

JoeDaileys.jpg - 23848 Bytes LaneKellys.jpg - 34793 Bytes LarsonDeAngeliss.jpg - 40221 Bytes

Calm, cool, collected. All that describes Joe Dailey as he prepares for playing his first year as a Husker Ok, some of that was a complete lie. He's not cool as it was 100 friggen degrees outside today!!!

This is Lane Kelly. Ahem, I said, this is Lane Kelly. Future RE for Nebraska. LANE KELLY, darnit!!!!

Out of all the players that were signing autographs today, only two were signing them under the scorching rays of the sun. Yeah, of course it was the kickers. Duhhhh.

Olines.jpg - 36964 Bytes Receiverss.jpg - 43079 Bytes TeamerRuudMuellers.jpg - 35314 Bytes

This is the offensive line and right now considering the fact that Darren ate the training table, even memorabilia is starting to look pretty darn good. mmmm........vinyl.

These are the blockers, err, I mean, receivers for the University of Nebraska
and you could actually be seeing more of them this year in roles other than blocking. You might even get to learn their names.

Brandon Teamer signs "stuff", Bo Ruud looks on in silent introspection and Josh there in the back,
well, he's trying to figure out how he's going to get
his board out of the river, uhh, sand.

WaliMuhammads.jpg - 39464 Bytes

Wali Muhammad would be signing more things right now, but everytime a little kid approached him, Wali just smiled and said, "Want to see what I am going to do to QBs this year kid? Stand right there and I'll show ya."

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