Nebraska OT Commit Brenden Jaimes Returns To See "Incredible" Atmosphere In Lincoln

Lake Travis high school (TX) offensive lineman Brenden Jaimes talks about his unofficial visit to Lincoln over the weekend.

Austin Lake Travis high school (TX) offensive lineman Brenden Jaimes visited Lincoln during the Red-White game, but on Saturday the Husker commit got his first chance to see a game day in Nebraska.

“It was worth it,” said a tired Jaimes, who made the drive to Lincoln.

Why did he drive you might ask? Wasn’t his visited a planned official?

“I changed it,” said Jaimes. “It will be sometime in January. I’m going to talk with my coaches and Coach Cavanaugh. I told them that I wanted to do it after my season was over, just so I could do it when I had more time to talk with the coaches beyond a day. On game day they are busy.”

Jaimes watched closely on Saturday, as Nebraska beat Illinois 31-16, improving to 5-0 on the season.

“I thought at the beginning of the season they were going to be pretty good this year, and obviously they have showed they are,” said Jaimes. “I think everything they are getting right now, being undefeated and ranked No. 12, is deserving.

“I was talking with Coach Cavanaugh and he said ‘we just got to keep working. This can’t get to our heads. Bigger games.’ He said they were going to keep working and the ultimate goal was the Big Ten Championship.”

“The fans are incredible. They are dedicated. They care so much about the football team. It is pretty amazing.”

Nebraska’s offensive line has struggled to stay healthy in 2016 and depth wise was running low on Saturday. Jaimes realizes the situation.

“Obviously I want to redshirt. If that is not the case, that will just give me more of a reason to work harder, to get bigger faster and stronger,” said Jaimes. “Getting settled in to the college life would be nice. Personally I think I’m still growing and I don’t think I have hit full potential body wise. I need to keep growing into my body. That extra year will help me fill out and get bigger and stronger.”

Lake Travis is 4-1 at the moment and ranked No. 2 in Texas Class 6A football.

“We have a big game this week against (Austin) Westkale, our rivals,” said Jaimes. W”e are coming off a bye week and I think it went well. As a offensive line, we still have a bunch to work on. But as a team, offensive and defensively we are doing a pretty good job.”

Westlake features four-star defensive standouts Levi Jones, A.J. Terrell and Jaden Hunter.

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