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Nebraska On Scout Mid-Season Offensive Awards

The Nebraska on Scout team takes a look at mid-season offensive player awards for the Huskers.

Josh Harvey – Nebraska on Scout Publisher 

OL Midseason player of the year - Nick Gates. It is easy to sometimes forget Gates is just a redshirt sophomore. After proving to be one of the most consistent offensive lineman last season, the Las Vegas product is now proving to be the nastiest. 

WR/TE Midseason player of the year - Alonzo Moore. Despite not playing against Illinois, Moore has the most yards on the team is in third for receptions. His big play threat is helping other wide receivers in the as well. Moore is averaging 25.8 yards per catch.

RB Midseason player of the year - Terrell Newby. Newby has the yards, Ozigbo has the carries. This was really a toss up and I could have gone either way. It really has been a running back by committee approach. Both have been equally important.

QB Midseason player of the year - Tommy Armstrong. Yup. 

Offensive position coach of the year – Mike Cavanaugh. OC Danny Langsdorf has been brilliant with his play calling, but Coach Cav has had to deal with so many injuries on the offensive line, playing nine deep. 

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Ashley Guinan – Nebraska on Scout Recruiting Extraordinaire

OL Midseason player of the year - Nick Gates. There's no question here. Gates had a strong freshman year, switched to LT and has dominated so far. He consistently grades as one of Nebraska's best on the OL, and loves to play nasty and all the way to the whistle. 

WR/TE Midseason player of the year - Alonzo Moore. When he's healthy, he is the difference maker in the WR group. He's played through his injury and missed a game and portions of others. But he is full of big plays even when nursing the injury. 

RB Midseason player of the year - Terrell Newby. He seems to finally be putting it all together during his senior year. He keeps fighting off the young guys, and breaks open a big play from time to time. He really showed his ability to come through when the team needs him in the Illinois game. Had he not fumbled on the long run against Northwestern, this one might not even be a contest at this point in the season.  

QB Midseason player of the year - Tommy Armstrong. Armstrong has stepped up his game this year. He's the only option for the Huskers and needs to stay healthy as the season continues. 

Offensive position coach of the year - Danny Langsdorf. He's the QB whisperer. Armstrong seems like a different person this year. Langsdorf has learned how to build Tommy's confidence and get the most out of him. 

Joe Franco – Nebraska on Scout Team Writer

OL Mid-season player of the year- Nick Gates. After landing himself on the Big Ten All-Freshman squad a year ago, the sophomore from Las Vegas has continued his momentum and has been the star of their offensive line. Gates has been nearly error-free through five games and has lived up to his potential, and then some. The 6’5”, 290-pounder is a big reason why Nebraska is 23rd in the country in rushing.

WR Mid-season player of the year- Alonzo Moore. With probably their deepest and most talented position on this Husker roster, Alonzo Moore has surpassed his teammates with his performance in just four games. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Louisiana native is a big-play guy, and has shown that in his senior season with three receptions of 50 or more yards, including a 63-yard touchdown in their season opener against Fresno State. Moore missed last week’s game but should be back this week, and a deep ball to him could be the difference maker.

RB Mid-season player of the year- Terell Newby. Nebraska has found their identity on the ground and a big part of their success in the run game is credited to the senior back. After battling out the starting position with sophomore I-back Devine Ozigbo through the first few games, Newby solidified his starting role when he stepped up big in their win against Illinois last week. Newby is responsible for 327 yards on the ground this year, and 63 of those yards came from his long touchdown run in the 4th quarter that sealed the deal against the Fighting Illini.

QB Mid-season player of the year- Tommy Armstrong Jr.. The senior looks like well-rounded improved player this year, and has made the case nearly every week of being their offensive player of the game. After throwing a career-high 16 interceptions last season, the Texas native has only thrown two through five games, and has been responsible for 13 touchdowns on the year. Armstrong Jr. has also shown just how tough he is this season playing through injuries against Oregon and Illinois.

Mid-season offensive position coach of the year- Danny Langsdorf. In his second year with Nebraska, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Danny Langsdorf has made the Huskers’ run game identity evident. His play calling has been superb this year and was shown late in the 4th quarter against Oregon on their 4th and 9 conversion. Tommy Armstrong Jr. is also playing a lot smarter, and as a result, better than last year, so it appears that coach Langs has finally reached the senior quarterback.

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Mike Wheeler – Nebraska On Scout College Writer

OL Mid-season player of the year - Nick Gates. The Nebraska offensive line has been a pleasant surprise to people and the one that sticks out to me the most is tackle Nick Gates. The sophomore has recorded one of the best lineman efficiencies and was named’s top run blocking offensive lineman during the first week of the season. 

WR/TE Mid-season player of the year - Alonzo Moore. The ball has been tossed around to a few different players this year but none have been more effective down the field than Moore. He leads the team in receiving yards (310) and leads the B1G for deep ball efficiency.

RB Mid-season player of the year - Devine Ozigbo. The workhorse. At the start of the year, I wondered if Devine could be an every-down type of back and so far this season he’s shown he has. He leads the team in carries with 76 compared to Newby’s 59 and has been crucial to the Huskers run game.

QB Mid-season player of the year - Tommy Armstrong. No surprise here. Tommy looks to have improved this offseason throwing for nine touchdowns and only giving up the ball twice. 

Mid-season offensive position coach of the year - Mike Cavanaugh. The offensive line really has stepped up it’s game and surprised me. So far, the offensive line leads the B1G and is second nationally in sacks allowed and they are a driving force for the run game. However, there are tougher matchups to go that will really show what this group is made of.

Stetson Fuller (JackD07) – Message Board Dude

OL Mid-season player of the year - Nick Gates. - No surprise on this one. Gates is a rare guy that brings more excitement on any given play than skill players do, every time the ball is snapped you could see a pancake or him lock on to a defender and remove him from the television screen altogether.  Honorable mention should be given Dylan Utter for his ability to direct an offensive line than has only given up 3 sacks on the year.

WR/TE - For me it has to be Alonzo Moore.  The senior is averaging over 25 yards per reception and leads the team in receiving yards.  He has the ability to keep safeties out of the box or make a defense pay if they do not respect his athleticism.  I believe that Armstrong, Ozigbo and Newby owe some of their running room to the big play success of Alonzo Moore.

RB Mid-season player of the year – Terrell Newby. For me it has to be Terrell Newby - Among the three leading rushers on the team he has the fewest attempts but yet the most yards.  His ability to protect Armstrong, as well as get out of the back field and make plays in the screen game is what makes him stand out.  Just as we can all agree it was Ozigbo that provided the difference against Oregon, it was Newby that put the team on his back in the fourth quarter against Illinois to prevent an embarrassing loss at home.

QB Mid-season player of the year – Danny Langsdorf. Can I say Danny Langsdorf?  The former Deggenddorf Blackhawks Signal caller has been spectacular this season with a complete overhaul of his offensive system.  Armstrong has improved dramatically in his efficiency and protection of the football in 2016, but it is the implementation of the Run/Pass Options that have allowed Armstrong to play within his comfort zone through 5 weeks.  Through 5 games in 2015 Armstrong had thrown 11 TDs, 6 INTs and rushed for 156 yards; through 5 games in 2016 those have improved to 9TDs, 2 INTs and 293 yards on the ground. 

Mid-season offensive position coach of the year - Mike Cavanaugh. As you can see above I hold the job Danny Langsdorf has done in high regard in 2016, but I am going to give the nod to the biggest little guy on the staff in Cavanaugh.  None of the success of the offense would be expected if you told fans that Nebraska would be playing its fifth game of the year without its projected starting LG, RG and RT, as well as backups Jalin Barnett and perhaps Zach Hannon.  Cole Conrad is either the 9th or 10th guy on the offensive line chart at this time and he not only stepped in, but did so admirably against a future top 20 NFL draft pick.  The offensive line has gotten stronger as the game went along and we have seen a dramatic decrease in false starts and holding penalties in 2016.

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