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Guinan's Quick Thoughts: Nebraska vs Purdue

Nebraska beat Purdue 27-14, but the win didn't have it's challenges. Here are Ashley Guinan's quick thoughts.

1. Caleb Lightbourn's confidence is growing

Lightbourn had several fantastic punts, and seems to be finally relaxed on the college field. He is successfully putting different touch and spins on the ball, and got a great bounce on an early rugby punt. On top of that, he is also getting many of his punts to land near the sideline. 

2. The OL depth is scary thin

We knew going into the game that many players on the OL were banged up. But the results were worse than expected, with both tackles playing when they probably shouldn't have. While Knevel got relief shortly after half time, Nick Gates had to tough it out for a lack of other options. He is really hurting and is not his normal self. It's painfully obvious that Nebraska desperately needs the OL to heal up fast. 

3. These DBs won't crumble

When the DBs get beat badly, they continue to fight. This is a night and day difference from the mentality the group had last year. The DBs struggled mightily with Purdue's passing game, giving up a huge TD and several easy completions. But they never lost their swagger, and Kieron Williams' 4th quarter interception showed that they can wipe the slate clean after every completion.

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