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Tommy Armstrong Says Huskers Need Game Like Wisconsin Test

Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong talked with the media to kick off Wisconsin week.

On early down efficiency
“It’s going to be important. We just have to make sure we put ourselves in the right situation, move the chains. With this situation, definitely with a great defense like Wisconsin we have to make sure we stay on the field. We have to prove our run game. We have to be balanced a little bit more, to just be able to run the ball whenever we want, make completions here and there. We have to stay balanced.”

On what Wisconsin’s defense does well
“They force turnovers. We watched clips here and there from when they played Michigan State, played them tough at home. They went to Michigan State and forced some turnovers, some key turnovers to win that game. Michigan State actually put up a fight, but turnovers were a key to that game. They played LSU really, really tough. And we watched just a little bit of the Iowa game also. The one thing that they do well is they make sure you have to earn every score you get, and I don’t even think Iowa scored a touchdown in that game. I think they actually kicked three field goals. Whenever we get a chance to move the chains and get in the end zone we have to take advantage of it and trust in our defense to get us stops.”

On offensive perspective of 2014 Wisconsin game
“Not much. That was like what? Three years ago? Or two years ago? I’m not really focused on that right now. This is a totally different team that it was in 2014, so there’s nothing to really compare about that. They have different coaches, different players, so you can’t compare that offense to this offense.”

On recalling what it is like playing at Camp Randall Stadium
“It’s going to be loud. We need to make sure we communicate well, make sure we have everything dialed and toned, making sure that we’re able to communicate our wide and up front. Just making sure that we’re on the same page, that’s going to be the key of everything. It’s going to be a great atmosphere. We’re used to it, but at the same time we haven’t really played in a game to where we’re going to go and there’s going to be a lot of fans. Our backs are kind of going to be against the wall, but we’re excited for it. This team actually needs something like this. We’re ready for it.”

On how Jordan Westerkamp’s return can help the offense
“It’s going to help a lot. I’ve seen him work out a lot. He’s in and out of rehab, making sure he’s doing as much as he can. I saw him lifting yesterday, and I kind of gave him a thumbs up and he was excited about it. Came home and he’s just excited about just getting out there and doing stuff with us and just being part of the team again. That kind of guy is the type of guy that doesn’t like to be by himself. He likes to be around the team. I could see him being down the last couple weeks, but he’s excited, I’m excited. I think the whole team is excited about just having another threat out there on offense. Just getting back to having a full unit even though that we have guys that rotate in and out, here and there. But having Jordan back is going to be an important key for us.”

On what his role is during a tough game for the offensive line
“Honestly we just let Coach Cav (Mike Cavanaugh) do all of that. You can’t really say anything when you’re not the coach. You don’t know exactly what they need to do, so we have Coach Cav out there on the sideline to get in those guys’ ears and let them know exactly what they need to be doing and how to fix certain things. Just like if something bad happens with me, they don’t really tell me exactly who I need to throw it to or where. I've got Coach Langs (Danny Langsdorf) for that, so Coach Cav has been doing a great job and makes sure those guys understand exactly what they need to do and how to fix things they have.”

On previous quote of “This team needs something like this”
“Honestly, this is kind of like the second half of our season. It’s going to be a tough game. We have a lot of critics about whether or not we really are good or not. This is what we work for. This if one of the great teams in our conference. A lot of people are saying this is kind of the determining factor about whether we’re going to go to the Big Ten Championship or not. My opinion is that this is one of the games we actually look forward to in the season. Looking back on last season, having such close games, definitely Wisconsin, and losing on a field goal. Things didn’t go as well as we needed them to, and just having another away game. It’s honestly exciting for me and the team to go in somewhere 7-0 and just being able to go out there and play your hearts out for a team. Like I said, we need something like this where they’re No. 11. We need to get a test like this and see how well we do. Our team is excited for it and we’re looking forward to going there and getting a win.”

On feeling like the underdog
“I feel like we’re the underdog every week honestly. We’ve been getting picked to lose I think probably 75 percent of our games, so we’re used to it. It's exciting for us to go to Wisconsin and play those guys. I’m pretty sure they probably have us losing that game to, but like any other week, we’re ready for them.”

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