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Nebraska's Drew Brown Will Return To Wisconsin For The First Since Summer Tragic Accident

Nebraska kicker Drew Brown will return to Wisconsin for the first time since the tragic accident this summer that took the life of Husker punter Sam Foltz.

On his relationship with Rafael Gaglianone
“I didn’t really know much about him before this summer and all of the events that happened. I always knew that he was a good and talented athlete and that was kind of the extent, but once I got to know him as a person it’s been a blessing. He was able to stay at my house over the summer for one day whenever he had the funeral. He flew out the next day and he just chilled out at my house. He’s a nice guy. All the guys up there at Wisconsin, all the specialists, they’re great guys. Just in general, all the specialists in the Big Ten, we’re a tight-knit group.”

On going back to Wisconsin after the accident
“It’ll be tough. It’s not the same area specifically, but I think just the general feeling of being back in Wisconsin since that happened, it’s going to be hard for me but at the same time we’ve got a huge game in front of us that if we win it will take a lot of stress off us. Last time we were up there playing a game, they embarrassed us and they played a great game, and we didn’t come up there ready to play. So we’ve got to be able to do a little bit better this time.”

On the last game in Wisconsin
“If I recall, I think we were up 17-3 or something like that after the first quarter, so we played well and then they just took the game over. I can’t explain what happened because I’m not on the offense or the defense, but I’m just sitting there watching, and I don’t know what it was. It’s an exciting atmosphere there. Their fans are into it just like ours are, and we’ve got to do a lot better job of playing our game and sticking to our game plan.”

On the role of a field goal kicker in a big game
“It’s huge. In any game in the Big Ten, we’re not like the Big 12 scoring 60 points and 700 passing yards in a game, so points are hard to come by and you never know. A kick at the beginning of the game can make a huge difference at the end of the game, and you’ve just got to be able to put points on the board no matter how they come."

On being his toughest critic
“I’ll watch what I can change technically. My goal is to just be as consistent as I can. If you’re consistent in whatever you do, you’re going to get good results. I just ended up pushing that kick a little bit. It would have been big if I made that. It would’ve made it a 16-point game I believe, so I’ve just got to go back and look at the film and the biggest thing is just move on to the next game.”

On the game last night with the kicker
“I didn’t watch it because it was so late, I was in bed pretty early last night, but I heard about it. I can’t say that I know how they feel, but every player has those type of days and it sucks because the kickers are usually looked at as the non-football players on the team. But put any other guy on the team and put them in a situation where they have to kick a ball, it’s not going to look pretty. We take pride in what we do, and I feel bad for those guys but at the same time they’re professionals and I know they’re going to bounce back.”

On specific spots for kicking
“I try to treat every kick that I have the same, I think that just eliminates all of the variables that can go into it. You’ve just got to control what you can control and trust that it’s gotten you to that point.”

On freshman punter Caleb Lightbourn
“He stepped in to a situation that no one expected him to have to do, not even he expected that. It’d be tough to fill shoes like that, and he’s done a tremendous job in my opinion. I was a true freshman at one point, and Sam [Foltz] brought me along the way, so I feel like it’s one of my jobs to bring him along the way. He’s done a good job and he’s got a lot of room to improve, and he’s got a lot of potential as well."

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