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Transcripts: Kieron Williams

Nebraska defensive back Kieron Williams talks with the Husker media heading into Wisconsin week.

On facing Wisconsin
“I think we’re just going to do our best to treat it like every week and not to put too much into it, just do our best at game plan and follow the game plan our coaches have for us. I know that since we played them last year we kind of know how they’re going to attack us because we still run the same scheme, so we’re just going to do our best to try to extinguish those things that they do against us and get a win.”

On the challenges of Wisconsin
“They’re definitely a downhill type team. They have a great O-line. They have a great running back back there with [Corey] Clement, and so I’m pretty sure they’re going to try to get that guy the ball and do their best to get that guy on the edge because he’s a good guy when he’s on the edge. So we’re just going to do our best to get our fits right and be able to make plays when we can.”

On playing at Wisconsin
“Well, last time it didn’t go so well, so it’ll be fun to be back there and to be able to play a game that we love to play and do our best to get a win.”

On the difference between this team in the past and now
“I don’t think there’s really a difference. I can kind of remember my freshman year, we were really confident going into that game. If I can remember right, we were up at the beginning of that game and we had turnovers and they fumbled a few times, so we were confident. We just kind of lost it as far as our game plan went. As far as our mindsets, we were just as confident then as we are now.”

On staying disciplined during this game
“I think every week we have to be disciplined. Especially this week, I haven’t had a chance to look exactly, but I’m pretty sure their run percentage is much higher than their pass percentage. Their play-action works really well, so this will be a great eye-discipline and foot-discipline game, a footwork discipline game to make sure we’re in the right place at the right time.”

On his second interception against Purdue
“I was playing the middle of the field and I was able to see the quarterback throw the ball, and I was able to run over in time and get under it before number 7 was."

On dropping a potential third interception, which may have been the easiest potential catch
“Yeah I know right, can’t catch. I’ve heard. That’s exactly what I’ve heard. Everybody said I called it too hard and then dropped the easiest one so I’m just happy that guy didn’t catch it for a touchdown and we didn’t have a dramatic finish.”

On being around the ball a lot
“I just think it’s a blessing to be able to play, so I’m not too into it about how I get there and stuff like that. Our coaches, they put together a great game plan and I just do my best to be a part of that game plan, not to be like ‘the guy.’”

On being hand coached by Mark Banker
“Any time that you can take a group and separate it and have one guy focus on that group it automatically makes the group better because that guy is focusing on less people, so he can give more attention to a smaller group of people so I think we have benefited from it.”

On being ranked higher but being the underdog
“We try not to look into rankings because at the end of the day it doesn't matter until the end. If you look all over the country, they have big upsets, but at the end of the day you have to play the game. So, that’s what it’s about, it’s about playing the game no matter what the rankings say.”

On other teams he watches
“I like to watch football, period. I’ll go back and people will always laugh at me and be like ‘Bro, you’re always watching 2011 LSU.’ I watch like the weirdest games. I’ll type in, whenever Tim Tebow was in there, ‘2010 Florida’ and just watch how they play football. So yeah, I watch a lot of old weird games.”

On the teams awareness of the importance of this game
“Every game is important. If we were to lose last week's game, that would have been important. Every single game that we play is important. We try not to look at it as people say, like the big picture thing. We try to take it one week at a time, and if you take it one week at a time and you win every game, if you take a look back, it will look how you want it to.”

 On former LSU and current NFL defensive back Tyrann Mathieu
“Yeah, he’s probably my favorite player. It kind of made me wish sometimes that I was like 5-8, so that I could have another reason for people to doubt me.”

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