Letter To The Nebraska Fan Base - Cowherd Isn't On Board - Who Cares?

Well known national radio host Colin Cowherd isn't buying Nebraska's 7-0 start.

Similar to his ratings grab from a year ago when he constantly poked Iowa fans regarding their season, FOX Sports radio host Colin Cowherd aimed his sights on a new target on Wednesday. 

The Nebraska Cornhuskers. 

In the video above, Cowherd said he's not a believer in Nebraska because of the Huskers schedule to this point and because of the NFL talent Nebraska's produced in the last five years. 

Watch it once. Laugh. Then move on. The reason he spent so much time last year with the Iowa fan base is because they played into his hand. If Nebraska fans do the same, especially on social media the way the fan base can, his show will constantly be about the Huskers. 

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