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Guinan's Quick Thoughts: Nebraska vs Wisconsin

Nebraska's record is no longer perfect. Here are Ashley Guinan's quick thoughts from the Huskers matchup with Wisconsin.

1. There is a bright future at DT

While there is not much depth available at the position, there are some young guys doing a great job. Carlos Davis had another great game and Mick Stoltenberg also did a good job. While I prefer four contributors at the spot, those two and Khalil Davis can hold the position down with some younger guys the next few years.

2. Wideouts almost won the game

The offense struggled against Wisconsin's defense, but the wideouts continued to make plays to convert on 3rd downs. This is a well-coached, confident group with a lot of contributors. As long as Keith Williams is in Lincoln, good things will come from this group.

3. The two minute drill needs some work

I don't know how to explain the end of regulation...there seemed to be a lot of confusion, and the Huskers didn't capitalize after the Badgers missed field goal. For a chunk of the game, the offense made the plays when needed, converting on several 3rd downs. But when it mattered at the end of regulation and in overtime, the offense couldn't finish. The pressure was just too much, and the crowd was too loud for the offense.

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